7 Best Bath Towels in 2024

A plush bath towel can make your dawn shower touch like a voyage to a flowery spa. For an elegant bathing routine, your bath towels should be smooth, spongy, and have frequent washings. There’s nothing better than covering yourself in a soft, generous, luxurious towel after a refreshing bath.

When you’re purchasing the best bath towel you desire to select something that touches plush and thick. The weight of the towel is even most important. Textile weight is measured in GSM. The expected weight for towels is around 400 to 600 GSM.

Our top picks:

Top 7 Best Bath Towels

With a wide range of options available, choosing the perfect bath towel can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are our ultimate picks for the best bath towels to purchase in 2023.

1. Luxury Performance Bath Towel 2-Pack

Bath Towel

This two-pack bath towel is an ultra-soft 100% cotton terry building with a viscous, luxurious hand-feel. It gives a classic look to your bathroom.

  • Size: 30 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 650 gsm

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2. BIOWEAVES 100% Organic Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

bath Towel Set

They are luxuriously soft & fluffy hand feel along with fast absorbency. It is 700 GSM construction combined with a high pile height. All these bath towels are suitable for houses as well as hotels.

  • Size: Bath Towel – 30 x 58 inches, Hand Towel – 20 x 30 inches, Washcloths – 13 x 13 inches.
  • Weight: 700 gsm

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3. Best Microfiber: JML Microfiber Bath Towels

Microfiber Bath Towels

These bath towels are made of Microfiber, Weightless, and Soft than regular towels. Microfiber towels can soak 7 times their weight in water making quick-drying large surfaces and comfortable. They are perfect for bath, Swimming, Sports, Outdoor Camping, Yoga, and Travel holiday.

  • Size: 30 x 60 inches
  • Weight: 650 gsm

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4. Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel Set

Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel Set

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Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel is available in different colors and patterns.

It is made with 60% Microfiber and 40% Cotton. This towel absorbs water quickly due to its soft cotton and microfiber.

Everplush towel can absorb 8x water its weight. If you are on a travel or hurry to go to a party, this towel helps you in both situations. It is a quick-dry towel that absorbs water more quickly.

5. Utopia Towels Extra Large Bath Towels

Utopia Towels Extra Large Bath Towels

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If you are looking for big-size towels, the Utopia towel set is perfect for you. Each towel is 35 by 70 inches in size. The towels are made with premium quality 100% ring-spun cotton.

Utopia towel is soft and delicate on the skin and safe to use. It has double-stitched hemmed finishing and is made with combed cotton and 2 ply yarn.

6. Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Bath Towels, 2-Pack

Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Bath Towels

Price: $42.00

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Color Ice Blue
Brand Amazon Basics
Towel form type Bath Towel
Age Range (Description) All Ages
Material Cotton

If you prefer buy towels on Amazon, you’ll be pleased to know that the platform’s own brand offers a selection of bath towels that have impressed our analysts both in the Lab and among at-home consumer testers. Despite the brand’s affordable prices, these towels perform exceptionally well.

During our absorbency tests, we found that similar towels from the brand efficiently soaked up fluids. Additionally, users have reported that these towels feel soft and absorbent when used after showers. While the most recent towel we tested from the brand is currently unavailable, this alternative shares a similar fabric construction and is offered in various colors and sizes.

Although some reviewers mention that the towel feels slightly thin , it’s worth noting that the price for these 100% cotton bath towels is difficult to beat.


  • Absorbent Cotton
  • Variety of Colors and Sizes


  • None

7. Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel

Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel

Price: $24.98

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Our GH staff members highly favor this quick-dry towel due to its unique construction. It features a combination of cotton on the outside for softness and microfiber on the inside for enhanced performance. This innovative design creates a perfect balance, making the towel absorbent, quick-drying, strong, and resistant to shrinking. Testers also appreciated the distinct texture, which sets it apart from typical cotton loop towels.

It’s worth noting that during our laundering evaluations, the fabric surface of this towel showed signs of fuzziness more quickly compared to other towels. However, it remained a top performer and was the only towel that excelled in both absorbency and drying time tests. For those who prefer an even more textured feel, we also recommend the brand’s Hokime Ribbed Towels, which were another standout performer in our tests.


Remember to read customer reviews and consider reputable brands when making your purchase. Additionally, personal preference plays a significant role, so don’t hesitate to touch and feel the towels in person before buying.

Investing in high-quality bath towels not only enhances your daily bathing experience but also ensures long-lasting performance. Take your time, explore your options, and choose the perfect bath towels that offer both functionality and style.