The relaxing shower is sometimes all you need to start off that busy day or unwind after a tiring one. And there is nothing more luxurious than getting into the bathrobe after a well-deserved shower or simply in the morning after getting out of bed and at the end of the day before going to bed.

Bathrobes are the solution to that. Bathrobes are dressing down made from toweling or an absorbent fabric to donning and dry the wet body. It serves as a towel and a body covering so you can get your makeup on or off and hair done before getting dressed.

It is especially a useful item to have for women as they need to put on lot more effort in getting ready either for work, party, or bed.

How to Choose Best Bathrobes for Women?

Bathrobes are comfortable and cozy, perfect for relaxing unless you do not choose the best one for your preference. If your bathrobe is scratchy, too short, rough to feel, or comfortable in any other way than it defeats the primary purpose.

It is a challenging task to choose the best bathrobes for yourself as there are many options available out there. There are a variety of weaves and a range of cuts and not each one may work for you. Here are factors to consider when choosing the best bathrobes for women.

What is the primary purpose of your bathrobe?

The primary use of your bathrobe is a major consideration in determining the type of bathrobe you should buy. There are many ways to use a bathrobe.

Do you want to use it primarily after a shower to dry yourself or do you want to wear it around the house for lounging?

It is helpful to make a list of priorities to identify the primary purpose of the bathrobe. Once you know that, you can choose the right design, size, and material.

What type of material would suit you?

The feel and function of the bathrobe depend on the material of the bathrobe. You must identify the primary function of the bathrobe for yourself and then choose it. If your primary use is to dry yourself, you should choose a robe with absorbent material.

Although, If you want to keep yourself warm, choose a material with air pockets in it. If you want to use the bathrobe as loungewear, you should opt for a light and soft material. The common materials used to make bathrobes are:

  • Microfiber – it’s incredibly soft to touch, lightweight, absorbent, and breathable. It can be used to dry off or as loungewear.
  • Cotton Terry – it is a woven fabric with high water absorption, it’s thick and heavy so it is used to keep you dry and warm.
  • Cotton Velour – it is a knitted pile fabric that is plush and luxurious, it is soft, thick, and insulating.
  • Chenille – it is made from cotton and polyester and it is lightweight, insulating, absorbent, and durable.

What type of design do you prefer?

There are many bathrobe styles available and the choice depends on your personal preference. Among the popular designs are kimono, angel sleeved, shawl collared, and zipped robes.

Additional features include side pockets and hoods. It is recommended to consider the sleeves and hem length.

Best Bathrobes for Women

The best bathrobe is one in which you feel comfortable snug. It is also recommended to purchase a bathrobe a size larger than your actual size.

1. Long Bath Robe for Women

Long Bath Robe for Women

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Long bathrobe for women is a soft plush fleece bathrobe made from 100% polyester. With a front tie closure, it can be used as a bathrobe, nightgown, or sleepwear. This polyester fleece bathrobe is warm and lightweight designed to feel soft and comfortable.

It features a shawl collar, long sleeves with cuff, an ankle-length bathrobe with an outside self-tie wrap belt. There are two front pockets for keeping your frequently used items.

The stitching is stable and strong, and the pockets do not sag. You can wear the robe before bed lounging, after a shower, on a lazy weekend morning, or for an afternoon nap.

Furthermore, you can use it around the pool or in a spa, take it to a hotel or a dorm. It is compact and lightweight suitable for everyday use, traveling, and for a gift.

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2. Womens Fleece Bathrobe

Womens Fleece Bathrobe

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NY threads women fleece bathrobe features a belt tie closure. It is super soft and plush to provide comfort in any way you intend to use it. This shawl collar fleece bathrobe is made from high-quality flannel fleece, is fluffy, and can be worn all day long for lounging and relaxation.

The adjustable waist belt helps securely close the robe at the front. There are two front pockets so you can put your frequently used belongings such as a phone in it. It is machine washable for easy cleaning. It is available in number of colors and can make an excellent gift.

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3. Women's Soft Faux Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Printed Plush Robe for Women

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Just Love printed plush robe is designed using ultra-soft velour with front tie closure. This house robe is made for absolute comfort for nightwear for women. You can pair it with your pjs or lounge clothing and feel warm and snug whenever you want.

The calming colors add class and beauty to the robe. The chevon pattern robe fits women of all sizes with the wide range of sizes. These robes fall around the knee to give them a sexy appeal.

The stitching is secure with no loose threads and unraveled seams. The fabric is of the highest quality to ensure durability and longevity after multiple washes.

4. Women's Soft Faux Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Sherpa Trim Plush Robe

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Just Love Sherpa trim plush robe is made from 100% polyester. It features a tie closure on the front with an adjustable belt. These robes are designed to be chic and comfortable. The knee-length robe adds a luxurious feel with a touch of coziness.

It features a Sherpa shawl collar with a stylish cuff on the sleeves and two patch pockets. It comes in an eye-catching Christmas print and festive colors. The ultra soft plush robe is perfect for lounging around the house. It is made from soft fleece with Sherpa trimming which keeps you snug and warm.

They come in wide variety of sizes from XS to 3X and makes an excellent gift. The material and stitching are of high quality to last you for repeated use. The robe is designed with comfort, quality, and unique style at the best prices.

5. Seven Apparel Herringbone Textured Plush Robe

Seven Apparel Herringbone Textured Plush Robe

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Seven Apparel herringbone textured plush robe is a knee-length robe with large front pocket and adjustable self belt.

The robe is made from soft plush material that you can enjoy all year round. It is incredibly soft and comfortable. It comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

The ultra fine brushed microfiber yarns are used to design a stylish and comfortable look and feel. It is machine washable and can make an ideal gift.

6. Richie House Plush Fleece Bathrobe

Richie House Plush Fleece Bathrobe

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Richie House plush soft warm fleece bathrobe is made from 100% polyester with tie closure. The polyester coral fleece fabric provides the ultimate warm and comfort.

The self belt secures closes the shawl collar robe at the waist. The manufacturing process results in stronger material and sturdy stitching. It is comfortable and soft to touch and wear making your lounging at home relaxing.

7. Women's Soft Faux Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Polyester Plush Shawl Collar Bathrobe Sleepwear

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CHEROKEE plush shawl collar bathrobe is made from 100% polyester. It features a tie closure and is machine washable for easy cleaning. It is designed to perfectly fit so you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish bathrobe whether after a shower or around the house.

Shawl Collar Bathrobe is beautifully manufactured from high quality ultra soft polyester fleece. It features a shawl collar design and kimono wrap front opening. It comes with a waist tie belt to keep the robe in place and a side pocket for carrying your frequently used items easily. Shawl Collar Bathrobe is designed to keep you warm and cozy throughout the day.

8. Women Lightweight Bathrobe Long Sleeve

Women Lightweight Bathrobe Long Sleeve

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Hotouch lightweight bathrobe is made from 60% polyester, 35% rayon, and 5% spandex. It features a tie closure. The fabric is soft and amazingly comfortable to touch. There are two front wide mouth pockets with white striped long sleeves.

There is an outside waist belt and inside waist placket ties to securely close the robe and hold it in place. It can be used as sleepwear, bathrobe, loungewear, maternity robe, etc. This cotton kimono robe can make an ideal gift.

9. Long Women's Cotton Robes

Long Women's Cotton Robes

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PajamaGram cotton robes are made from double brushed cotton jersey and are super comfortable. It is machine washable and even after multiple washes, the ultra smooth robe stays soft. It is designed for perfect fitting, so the robe is never too tight or baggy.

PajamaGram cotton robes is a perfect combination of warmth and lived-in comfort. The open front design and adjustable tie waist holds the robe securely and gives a classic look and feel. You can wear it open or wrap it tightly to keep off the cold.

There are interior ties to keep the robe stay close to the body and two front pockets to keep your hands warm or to carry your essentials. The delicate trim piping gives a feminine touch and style to the robe. The wide shawl collar offers elegance and warmth around the neck.

10. Ekouaer Women Nightgown Robe

Ekouaer Women Nightgown Robe

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Ekouaer nightgown robe is made from 35% polyester and 65% cotton. It features a zipper closure and is super comfortable to wear. The lightweight slinky fabric is designed to keep you at the perfect temperature, so you never have to feel too hot or too cold.

The short sleeve housecoat design is elegant and comes with patchwork two side pockets. The H shape cut makes the loungewear fashionable. The zip front makes the robe easy to put on and off.

It offers warmth and the two pockets are large enough to hold your belongings such as phone, remote, snacks, etc. The size is perfect for most women, never to baggy or restrictive.


Bathrobes are comfortable and luxurious clothing accessories but when you choose the one that is right for you. Personal preference and intended purpose are important considerations. Consider the style, the fabric, and comfort, and choose the best one for yourself or a gift.