9 Best Overbed Tables in 2023

best Overbed Tables

Overbed tables have extensive applications. In most cases, you are bound to meet these tables in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and assisted living communities. However, you can still purchase at an affordable price to us in homes.

An Overbed table is simply a table, i.e., it offers a stable surface over a chair or a bed to facilitate many activities, including reading, eating, and using computers. These tables come with a unique design to make them easier to use, more accessible, and safer. Most notably, they slide over the bed, a feature that makes them more preferable.

Additionally, their design makes them compatible with a wide range of beds – low beds, regular beds, and hospital beds. However, some designs are more specific – for example, some can be so fit for wheelchairs, lift chairs, and ordinary chairs.

Ideally, finding the best-Overbed tables can make it incredibly easy for you to work from the comfort of your bed. If you are looking for such a table, it is excellent to consider those having durable frames, fitting close to the mattress.

Best Overbed Tables you must try in 2023

So, are you interested in buying an Overbed table? Here are some of the most functional options in the market.

1. Adjustable Overbed Table

Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

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This Overbed table has an adjustable height, allowing to lower or raise the tabletop between 28″ and 40″ above the ground. The incredible thing is that you can easily adjust the height, thanks to the light touch spring-loaded locking handle.

The Heavy-gauge, Chrome-plated construction confers unmatched durability and stability to the entire table, while the 4″ swivel casters offer admirable maneuverability.

2. Invacare Overbed Table

Invacare Overbed Table

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The Invacare table also allows for height adjustment between 28″ and 40″. So, you can adjust the height easily to find a suitable position. The tables offer solid stability and durability thanks to an H-style steel base. The base comes with 4 casters to enhance mobility.

On the other hand, the table top is designed from walnut, but has a wood-grain laminate top to give it a sleek finish. What’s more, the edges are molded to protect against damage.

3. Coavas Over Bed Table

Coavas Over Bed Table

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This highly portable Overbed table stands out for its affordability and three levels of height adjustment. Ideally, you can set it at 26.4, 28.8, and 31.1 inches high.

The four smooth casters ensure smooth movement while the integrated safety locks confer additional stability to the entire structure.

The tabletop is C-shaped and is designed from medium density fiberboard and durable metal tubes. Such a combination ensures a perfect balance between the weight and wears resistance.

4. Joy Overbed Table

Joy Overbed Table

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The standout feature in the Joy Overbed table is the lockable caster. This ensures that the tables stay put once you slide them into position. Keep in mind that this table covers the entire width of your bed; therefore, it offers enough space to place your stuff. If you are thinking of having breakfast in bed, this might be the right Overbed table for you.

It’s ideal for queen-size beds or smaller. However, the height is adjustable to suit different needs.

5. Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed

Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed

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The medical deluxe is a versatile option – use it comfortably both at home and in hospitals. Its tiltable top is what makes it suitable for various situations. Mark you; you can tilt to the various positions in either direction – offering comfort and flexibility.

Like others, you can adjust the height, but this time with only a light touch. Additionally, its construction is heavy-gauge steel construction -powder-coated for durability. Swivel casters with a locking mechanism confer maneuverability and stability.

6. Carex Overbed Table

Carex Overbed Table

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The Carex Overbed table can function as a side-bed table for any bed. It comes with a broad base to offer much-needed stability. Besides, it has rolling wheels for easy sliding.

The entire structure is solid and stable, which makes it able to hold up to 50 pounds. The ability to adjust the height between 28 and 42 inches makes it ideal for different bed heights.

7. Vive Overbed Table

Vive Overbed Table

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This is another versatile option. You can use it as a bedside table, use it on your sofa or even a wheelchair. That makes it an ideal option for meal times, laptop use, or even reading.

Its tabletop is vast and has a sleek finish. Further, its material makes it very easy to clean. You can adjust the height from 28” to 39”, while the four-wheel casters make it easy to move it around.

8. ORAF Overbed Table

ORAF Overbed Table

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This is a multi-functional Overbed table. But notable, it is a cross bed table, which you can put to multiple uses, including as a standing desk in home offices.

It’s spacious – so, you can use it for taking a meal as you work.

Since its frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel and its tabletop from the thick wooden board, the entire structure is very stable, solid, and sturdy – it can hold up to 350 pounds.

The wheels come with a universal lock for added stability.

9. TigerDad Overbed Table


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This Overbed table allows you to adjust its tabletop from 23.6 to 35.3 inches, offering much flexibility to different users. On the other hand, the H-shaped base is wide enough for stability. Furthermore, it has lockable 1-inch casters for easy maneuverability. Locking wheels ensure more stability.

The tithable tray offers more flexibility. The incredible thing is that this tray has a stopper on the edge to prevent your laptop from sliding off.

How to choose the Best Overbed Table

Any Overbed table you buy must be highly functional – it allows you to comfortably use the bed for a long time. Therefore, you need to consider essential features, which include:


The majority of the Overbed tables come with fixed tops. However, if you are looking for utmost versatility, you might find hybrid Overbed tables to be the right choice.

Such tables feature a tilt-adjustable surface, which lets you set the table to angles convenient for different tasks such as reading or using laptops. Besides, they have a small stationary table (as an attachment on the side) to hold items upright – e.g., a coffee cup.

Frame height

Most tables come with adjustable frames. These sturdy frames are at different heights; therefore, finding a suitable height can make working extremely comfortable for you.

While the majority are height adjustable, some frames have a fixed height. A fixed-height frame can be somewhat less convenient.


The most common style is the C-shape frame, which slides on one side of the mattress. These styles are usually limited. So, if you want a large workspace, you should consider buying a full-length Overbed table – it fits across the entire mattress.


A base offering solid stability is admirable. Some options feature has casters, which ease sliding the Overbed table, while others have a flat, low-profile base, which is good for reliable stability. In the latter version, you’ll have to lift the table to move it.

Bottom Line

Getting the best Overbed table can immensely increase your comfort and make you make productive if you want to work from your bed.

But you need to find an Overbed table that works right for your needs. Check height adjustability, size, and type of the tabletop, base with or without caster, and the material. Typically, you need something stable, solid, and durable.