Changing diapers is an everyday, several times a day activity when you have a baby. You can use a dresser or a high table for changing the diaper, but it may not be most convenient. A good changing table can make this frequent activity easier for you.

A baby changing table provides an extra-safe place for baby with raised guard rails, extra storage space with drawers or shelves, and a comfortable bending height for frequent diaper changes. You can choose a changing table to match your nursery style or crib and you can keep using it for storage once your baby has outgrown diapers.

You would need to purchase a changing table before the baby arrive as you need to change diapers instantly.

Best Changing Tables

Here are the 10 best changing table dressers available in the market for your convenience.

1. Emily Changing Table

Changing Table

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Dream on Me Emily changing table comes in steel grey and is suitable for small nurseries. It occupies a small footprint, is lightweight, and easily portable so you can move it around easily around the house.

It is equipped with an inch changing pad creating a handy space for diaper changing. The structure is made of durable, sustainable, and renewable New Zealand pinewood in a stable and sturdy design.

There are two easy to reach and spacious shelves located below the changing table so that you can keep your essentials in an organized and accessible manner. The changing table dresser features a minimalist and clean design with safety rails on all four sides for an enclosed and secure space.

It is tested for lead and other toxic elements making it safe for your baby. There are anti-tipping tool kits enclosed with a table as well.

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2. Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table

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Badger Basket modern baby changing table provides sufficient room for diaper changing on the top with a laundry hamper and three storage baskets included below. The hamper and baskets are easy to pull out and can be fully removed. There are safety rails provided to encloses all four sides of the changing area.

Furthermore, there is a foam changing pad for your baby’s comfort and a safety belt for your baby’s safety. It can be wiped, and spot cleaned as required. The best changing table features a practical and stylish design which can complement any smart, classy nursery. The hamper is provided with handle slots for easy carriage to the laundry room.

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3. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

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Delta Children Eclipse changing table is made from wood with a changing pad on top and two spacious shelves on the bottom. The changing pad is water resistant and features a safety strap for securing your baby while you change them.

The two fixed shelves are provided for open storage to keep your necessities within reach. They are large enough for store bins, diapers, towels, and any other baby toiletries.

There are safety rails on all sides around the top of the table. It is tested for lead and other toxic elements for safety of your baby. Baby Changing Table is made from solid wood and wood composites and meets all safety and anti tipping standards. It is a functional and elegant piece to add to your nursery. It can be assembled easily.

4. Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table

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Graco changing table features a water-resistant changing pad and safety strap for the comfort and security of your baby during diaper changing.

The elegant design will complement your nursery style. This functional piece is fashioned with an extra deep surface for extra security while changing your baby.

There are two spacious shelves beneath the top for storage so that once your baby has outgrown the changing table, it continues to be useful for ample storage purposes.

The large, open shelves are suitable for baskets, bedding, storage cubes, toys, towels, and any other essential item.

5. Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Drawer Universal Dresser

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Storkcraft Avalon universal dresser has 6 drawers and is made of durable steel rails and high-quality wood. There is a top table and the six drawers at the bottom to provide ample space for storing essentials.

You can use it to store baby’s clothes, onesies, socks, diapers, towels, toiletries, burp rags, toys, and bedding. You can keep things organized and neat around the nursery or the room. The stylish and sleek design can last for years add charm to the surrounding.

The dresser has an attractive sleigh design to provide elegance to the surroundings. It is easy to assemble and offers both style and functionality.

6. Baby Changing Table

Baby Changing Table

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EGREE baby changing table features 4 level adjustable height which provides parents with suitable positions for changing diapers. It can used for baby massages and clothes changing. It prevents back aches and pains that can often result from bending or kneeling.

The structure is design for sturdy durability and long-lasting use. Your baby safety is ensured through skin friendly oxford fabric and high-grade rust-free steel frame with powdered antistatic coating. The built-in foldable MFD support, safety belt and four side protective fabric plates provide a safe and secure environment.

There are 4 heavy duty lockable mute universal wheels for easy mobility. The changing table is portable so that you can put it away if needed. There is a large storage organizer with two baskets besides the table and one lower storage space for baby’s essential.

7. Costzon Baby Changing Table

Costzon Baby Changing Table

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Costzon baby changing table is made of iron frame, waterproof PVC, and 600 D canvas. The changing table can be used as a massage table. The elevated changing top offers comfort and practicality. It is design at the optimal height to avoid bending or kneeling which helps prevents back aches and pains.

There is open shelving to add extra security. The non-skid feet cover, and a sturdy frame keep the table secure and stable preventing movement. The top table surface is made of waterproof PVC which is non-toxic and easy to clean.

There are three compartments beside the table for the baby’s essentials for convenient access. There is a large lower storage space to put extra items. It is foldable for space saving.

8. Alpine Industries Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

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Alpine Industries wall baby changing station is equipped with a horizontal diaper changing table that can be folded down. It has a safety strap. The changing table is built out of high-density polypropylene plastic construction for durability and strength.

Alpine Industries wall baby changing station is coated with protective antimicrobial material to resist bacterial growth. It meets all the safety standards for enhanced child protection and safety.

The changing table comes with mounting hardware for easy installation on any wall. The table is equipped with safety belt so safely hold the baby during diaper change.

9. Mobile Baby Changing Table

Mobile Baby Changing Table

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Mobile baby changing table features quiet universal casters with a lockable brake that can move on rough ground and plush carpet easily. There are large storage organizers which are equipped with five baskets beside the table so that parents can place diapers, tissues, towels, toys, and any other item they may need.

There is one key folding feature for folding the table when you are done. This lightweight diaper changing station is designed for sturdy durability and long-lasting use.

The skin friendly oxford fabric and cold rolled steel with antistatic coating prevent static electricity and ensure your baby’s safety.

10. INFANS Baby Diaper Table

INFANS Baby Diaper Table

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INFANS baby diaper table is suitable for changing diapers, clothes, and baby massages. The optimal height is designed to be ease on the back and prevent aches and pains. The top table is equipped with a safety belt to provide additional safety. The top is curved and spacious for changing the diapers easily.

The table can be folded after use to save space. There are three compartments besides the table to hold all the essentials such as diapers, towels, tissues, baby bottles, etc.

There is a wide shelf underneath the table to store other items such as bags of diapers or tub of clothes. The top table is made of high-quality waterproof PVC material and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


A changing table dresser can make the process of changing diapers several times a day easy and convenient for you. You can safely change your baby’s diaper without putting a strain on your back.

Choosing the right changing table, however, is important. Choose a table that complements your space availability, storage requirement, and nursery style.