The 10 Best Sofa Slipcovers of 2023

Using a sofa cover is the best way to inject some freshness into your couches – whether they are old or brand new. This protective cover is removable and washable; therefore, keeping clean all the time isn’t an issue.

What’s more, sofa covers come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. That makes it easy to find the right color for your home. Put in mind that there are also multiple designs, meaning regardless of the type of sofa you own, you always find a beautiful and proper fitting slipcover.

You can find the best sofa slipcovers in two designs.

First, those designed from separate pieces of flexible fabric, and they completely encase the cushions and the base of your couch. This option is suitable in cases where you want the sofa cover to stay longer on your couch.

Secondly, those having thick material pads, and they drape over your seat. Such slipcovers are usually held in position with straps. This second option is ideal in cases where you want to cover your couches temporarily. For instance, you can use it in case you have a kid’s party at your house.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Slipcover?

There are lots of sofa cover in the market – no debate about that. But what you need is a sofa cover that can give your home a whole new look. That means finding a slipcover that is highly functional and practical. To make it easier, consider the factors below:

The Fabric

Fabric plays a critical role in determining the functionality of your sofa cover. First, check the fabric weight – always choose a medium weight fabric. Heavy materials usually do not adapt to the shape of your couch easily. Thus, that makes it difficult to fit and won’t give a structured look.

Second, choose a fabric that is easy to maintain. Precise, choose a fabric that you can easily wash. This is practical in cases where you have pets or kids. Cotton, denim, or corduroy are the best fabrics to choose from.

Lastly, the fabric’s texture matters a lot as it adds to how the cover feels and looks. So, go for a textured sofa cover as it adds visual interest, but it also resists wrinkling.

The Shape

Some sofa shapes do not allow slipcovers to be placed on them. For instance, if your sofa has a wooden frame or wooden arms, a sofa cover may not be a good idea because you’ll feel the wood from the fabric.

The Color

The color of the sofa cover you choose determines the beauty of the room. Look for colors that confer a positive impact on the appearance – making it more appealing. To get the right color, you need to consider the room and the nature of other households.

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The Best Sofa Slipcovers of 2023

Here are the given below the list of best couch covers:

1. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

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This light grey slipcover is a reversible type and designed from thick microfiber with a quilted texture. Additionally, it is colorfast and water-resistant.

Once you place it on your furniture, it won’t slide. Typically, it features elastic straps that go over the arm flap, making it tighter. Besides, it has two foam pipes, which you tuck into the groves to make it stay in place.


2. Gorilla Grip Original Large Sofa Protector

Gorilla Grip Original Large Sofa Protector

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This slipcover is suitable for seats having a width of up 70 inches, but you can also get the extra-large size, i.e., 78″ wide.

Thanks to its Gorilla Grip backing, this cover doesn’t slide whether you place it on fabric or leather furniture. Still, it has two durable and adjustable straps that ensure it doesn’t slip.

Otherwise, the sofa cover is super-soft, courtesy of the top luxurious suede-like material. That makes it a comfortable and cozy slipcover.

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3. PureFit Super Stretch Chair Sofa Slipcover

PureFit Super Stretch Chair Sofa Slipcover

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This spandex sofa cover is super stretchy, making it cover various sofas – 66 to 90 inches. However, these models cover a 3-seater sofa completely.

The bottom is non-skid and elastic with premium nonslip foam anchors. This makes the PureFit sofa covers to give a tight-fitting – no wrinkling, snag, or shifting position.

They are easy to fit – just slip them on your seat, tuck extra fiber and insert the non-slip foam anchors.

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4. MAYTEX Pixel Stretch Sofa Slipcover

MAYTEX Pixel Stretch Sofa Slipcover

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This is another ultra-soft class of slipcover that can transform the look of your home. It is designed from a polyester blend and comes in a superior design and fit. Look, it’s soft stretchable, and lightweight. The textured mini-dot design gives it contouring properties, and its elastic corners ensure that it doesn’t slide off your chair.

This sofa cover fits sofas up to 96 inches long, but check out the size guide before purchasing it.

5. ZSofa Shield Original Reversible Sofa Protector

Sofa Shield Original Reversible Sofa Protector

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These slipcovers are in a variety of colors. You can get it in three sizes – 62-, 70- and 78-inch-wide sofa covers. But it’s vital to check the product size guide before selecting one.

Now, it is recommended to use this sofa cover on leather seats. Otherwise, ensure that you do not stretch the strap to exceed the chair’s width by more than 10 inches.

6. Yucoao Stretch Couch Covers

Couch Covers

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Yucoao Stretch Couch Covers are designed from 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex. The material combination gives them a soft skin feel, which makes it incredibly comfortable but also confers anti-wrinkle properties.

If your sofa is 77 and 85 inches, then this might be the right slipcover. Keep in mind; this slipcover has a foam anchor and an elastic bottom to eliminate the tendency to slip.

7. CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover

CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover

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This is another option utilizing superior fabric – a blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Apart from being stretchy, it is soft, comfortable, and durable. Besides, you can find it in multiple colors to rejuvenate your sofa. It comes in four sizes.

The small size fits sofas of length between 32″ and 47″; the medium-sized cover is suitable for sofa length between 57″ and 70″ while the Large sizes cover ideal for sofa length between 72″ and 92″.

On the other hand, the extra-large sofa is suitable for sofas between 92″ and 118″. The good thing with the CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover is that it fits different kinds of sofas.

8. Granbest Thick Sofa Covers

Sofa Covers

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Designed from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, the Granbest Thick Sofa Covers offer full protection to your sofa. Typically, they fit like a glove, thanks to their stretchy profile. The elastic bottom hem alongside the styrofoam rolls ensures that it stays in place.

This is a universal couch cover with perfect resilience and updated textiles. So, any sofa will feel comfortable within this cover.

9. H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Sofa Covers

Stretch Sofa Covers

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This is another incredible option offering full protection to your sofas. It is a two-piece set – for the body and the seat. The fantastic thing about it is that it has various styles for different types of seats. You can find a cover for your chair, loveseat, sofa, and extra-large sofa.

It is designed from stretchy jacquard knitted fabric, which makes it long-lasting. Additionally, it is easy to fit on any seat, and its thick elastic bands cover the bottom of the edges entirely.

10. OstepDecor Sectional Couch Covers

Sectional Couch Covers

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This gorgeous velvet fabric couch cover is sold by the piece and not by set. The fantastic thing about them is that they are soft and incredibly smooth. More so, they do not collect fur from pets.

They work perfectly on any seat – recliners, sofa, couch, chairs, and love seat.

Keep in mind; they are quite heavy and thick. The non-slip backing, which is patterned into silicon rubber puppy paw design, is efficient in ensuring it stays firm on your seat.

Bottom Line

Give your sofa a new look shouldn’t be difficult and expensive. There are lots of slipcovers to buy in the market. What you need to do is find the right type and size.

Ideally, the best sofa cover should be durable, beautiful, perfectly fitting, and of course, designed from a more robust fabric. These products here are some of the best slipcovers.