When the budget is tight, but you need to breathe new life into your living room, take heart, because there are some easy and affordable things you can do. It is often the case that the surfaces of couches and chairs wear out, and become stained long before the support and cushioning inside of them fail. Having those pieces reupholstered is both pricey and time consuming, but using chair and Couch Slipcovers can have them looking like new.

Best Slipcovers

If you think that using a slipcover will mean that you’ll forever be straightening and smoothing out wrinkles, think again! Today’s Couch Slipcovers are designed to fit snugly onto many styles of furniture.

Make sure you have carefully measured your furniture before shopping for a slipcover, as this will ensure an ideal fit.

Besides giving a second life to your furniture, a slipcover will take the frustration out of those unexpected spills.

Upholstery and steam cleaning services are expensive. So, when accidents happen, and we all know they do, simply pull off your cover, treat the stain, and throw it in the washing machine.

Best Slipcovers

Another benefit of using couch slipcovers is the versatility they afford in your home’s decor. You will no longer feel limited when selecting new colors for flooring, wall and window coverings because you have to coordinate with your furniture’s fabric.

Since slipcovers are available in an endless variety of colors and patterns, there is sure to be a style to compliment your room’s new look.

Whether you are extending the life of an old couch or trying to preserve the newness of your furniture, while your children are young, and not so careful, slipcovers offer the perfect solution.

Just take a stroll through the aisles of your local department store, if you are still in doubt. You will likely find an array of couch slipcovers, some of which would look perfect in your living room. For unique and specially sized couches, search the Internet for your specific needs.

The 7 Best Slipcovers of 2020

Here are the list of 7 Best Slipcovers of 2020

  1. Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Fort Sofa Slipcover
  2. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover
  3. Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Sofa Slipcover
  4. Home 1 Piece Heavy Fabric Sofa Cover
  5. Maytex Pixel Ultra Soft Couch Furniture Slipcover
  6. Sofa Sheild Reversible Couch Slipcover
  7. Chun YI 2 Piece Slipcover


1. Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Fort Sofa Slipcover

2. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

3. Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Sofa Slipcover

4. Home 1 Piece Heavy Fabric Sofa Cover

5. Maytex Pixel Ultra Soft Couch Furniture Slipcover

6. Sofa Sheild Reversible Couch Slipcover

7. Chun YI 2 Piece Slipcover

What to Consider When Purchasing Slipcover?

A slipcover is basically a ready made or a customized kind of clothing that is designed and used to cover a sofa or to hide imperfections. In the event that your sofa wears out and you don’t have the cash to replace it immediately, you can use a slipcover to hide the imperfections. Slipcovers are also used to protect furniture from getting stained, pets, young children and anything else that can damage them.

They are made in such a way they can fit over the front, sides and back of any kind of furniture, easily. Slipcovers are also considered the ‘money savers” since they let you save money and at the same time, they make your furniture look very new, while indeed they are several years old.

Before getting yourself a brand new slipcover, the following are important things that you will need to consider in order to help you get the right slipcover for your furniture.

1. Slipcovers Measurements

If you are looking for an exact fit for your sofa, you will need to measure your sofa properly. Otherwise, you may have to consider buying a loose fitting one or stretch kind of couch covers.

The best option to take slipcovers measurements is to start by measuring the longest part of the sofa, starting from the outside side of one arm to the outside side of the other. Make sure you take notes of your measurements in both niches and centimeters.

Once you are through with the length, measure the seat cushions (the area below the sofa arms), cushion height (from floor to the top of seat cushion), measure the outside width and finally take the measurements of the full sofa, starting from the floor to the top and back edge of the sofa.

2. Choose a Good Style –

whether you are buying your slipcover in a local store or through online stores like Amazon, selecting a good style is essential. Nowadays, slipcovers come with different styles and designs that it’s almost impossible not to find a good style that suits your needs. Traditional couch slipcovers tend to look good on the sofa and chairs with rounded arms and rectangular cushions.

3. Type of Fabric –

Cotton, Canvas and twill blend are some of the best fabric for covering the seat part since they are more inviting and very comfortable to sit on. Form fitting types of covers are made from materials that stretch such as micro-suede, microfiber, polyester and are some of the most common types.

Wool, linen and silk usually look very nice, however, they need to be dry-cleaned.

These are some of the few things that you might need to consider when deciding on what type of slipcover to purchase. I hope you can now be able to select the best slipcover from our website.

Makeover Your Furniture With Cheap Slipcovers

Whether you are having a Christmas party, a New Year’s Eve party or just a home sales party, you want to ensure your house is ready for guests at all times. You never know when someone may just drop in for a visit.

Everyone would love to redecorate for occasions like this or just to change the look of the house, yet it’s not financially feasible for average people. There is a way to redo your house without breaking the bank.

By choosing to purchase cheap slipcovers you can update for the season or just when the mood hits you.

Available in Various Sizes

Cheap slipcovers come in a variety of sizes and styles for any room in the house. You can update your bedroom with a futon cover, some pillows and drapes for under the cost of a new comforter set.

If you want a more elegant look. choose the faux suede covers with matching pillows. Your fabric, color, and pattern options are endless. Add a memory foam sleep product to complete your sleeping situation and your rest will be the best you have ever had.

While redoing your sleeping area, don’t forget your pet’s bedding. If the chair in your room is your pet’s preferred resting place, choose a pet throw to protect the furniture while giving your pet the comfort they need.

Now you can not only update your sleeping area but with the money, you can save, you can also redo your living areas. Cheap slipcovers are available for sofas, ottomans, recliners, dining room chairs and any other seating in and out of your house.

Are slipcovers expensive?

The prices are so low you can protect all of our seating without emptying your wallet. Slipcovers come in stretch and tie styles and you have choices in patterns, fabrics and designs. When redecorating with slipcovers, be sure to check out the multitude of coordinating accessories.

Accessories to match your cheap slipcover include drapes, pillow, rugs, and lamps. As all items can be chosen in various patterns you can find something to coordinate with any decor.

When choosing a lamp, check out the various lamp shades also to ensure you get exactly what you want. Yet, don’t stop there.

Since you have saved so much money by purchasing slipcovers rather than new furniture you can go even further. Check out the accent furniture specifically designed to coordinate with your new slipcovers. You will be more than thrilled and proud to show off your new decor.