Percale is a criss-cross pattern weave used in making bed sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding accessories. Typically, percale sheets use 100 percent cotton fabrics, but they are blended with other materials such as synthetic, rayon, or silk. Percale sheets are crisp to the touch and gets softer with each wash. These sheets have matte finish and are breathable. Percale sheets are a must have item for the bedroom especially during hot summer. There are a wide variety of percale sheets available in the market. Here is a list of best percale sheets available.

Best Percale sheets

Best Percale sheetsPercale sheets are very popular. From twin to daybeds, they are widely utilized in several homes. Percale is a form of cotton that is very smooth. Like satin, it is designed to ensure comfort and class.

The sheets can be used on several types of beds, including king and queen units. Percale items are also known to keep people cool and warm. This depends on the type of percale you purchased. While some sheets have a higher thread count, others have less.

The more threads you have, the less air can penetrate the sheet. This means it will surely keep your warm during those cold nights. The fewer threads you have, the more air can seep through. This means it will keep you cool during those summer heat spells. Unlike satin and other forms of cotton, percale consists of tighter weaves. Even with sheets that have fewer threads, the weaves are interwoven to secure durability and strength. This enables the sheet to be used in several capacities, including full or partial covers.

Here are the list of 15 Best Percale sheets in 2020



1. Linen Home 100% Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Peru Pima Percale sheet

Linen Home 100% cotton percale sheets with one flat sheet, one deep pocket fitted sheet and two pillowcases translate into comfortable and restful sleep. The sheets are crisp and strong with durability ensured by high quality 200 thread count percale cotton.

The long staple combed cotton yarns used in manufacturing encompasses luxurious feel comparable to any hotel. The deep pockets incorporated into the design offers best fit around the mattress up to 16 inches in height.

Superior quality checks guarantee no piling, minimal shrinkage, high tear durability, thread count accuracy and long-lasting color. Extra cozy and extra comfortable, these sheets are machine washable.

2. Peru Pima 415 Thread Count Bed Sheet Sets

Peru Pima Percale sheet

Peru Pima queen bed sheet set is manufactured with 415 thread count 100 percent Peruvian pima cotton. The pima cotton has an extra long staple length which results in soft touch, superb luster, and durability.

The company is a small, intimate family setup, which brings love and tradition to their products. The cotton is hand harvested; hence it brings an amazing white shade. The queen bed sheet includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases with envelope enclosure.

The fitted sheet is designed with 15-inch-deep pockets and elastic band to ensure proper fitting around the mattress. There are no harmful chemicals and materials used in the manufacturing, keeping with the eco-consciousness. These matte finish, crisp, and cool percale sheets provide most comfortable sleep.

3. Kotton Culture Sheet Set Luxurious Super Percale 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sat

kotton culture percale sheet

Kotton Culture Bedding is a four-piece sheet set manufactured with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. The bedding set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two standard pillowcases. It can fit a variety of mattress sizes owing to long lasting elastic band.

The Egyptian cotton with 1000 thread counts extra long staple is popular for its lustrous aesthetics and durability. The design incorporates a tighter fabric percale weave to result in soft, breathable, and durable product.

It is fade resistant as well, so that the sheets never lose its luster and vibrancy even after extended use. The sheets are manufactured with eco-friendly materials adhere to social and ethical consciousness. It can constitute as a great present for variety of occasions.

4. Royal Hotel Abripedic Crispy 300 Thread Count Percale Sheets

Royal Hotel Abripedic Crispy Percale Sheets

Royal Hotel crispy percale sheet set is made from 100 percent cotton percale weave fabric. The 300 thread count long staple percale cotton translate into soft, smooth, and comfortable sleeping experience.

There are four pieces in the set: one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The 22-inch super deep pocket with elastic band allows for snug fit for most mattresses. These crisp and soft percale sheets offer hotel like luxurious feel and quality.

The percale weave brings breathability for healthy and relaxing sleep. The finishing is lustrous and vibrant which does not reduce with washing. The durable sheets also maintain its softness irrespective of duration of use. In short, these sheets offer the elegance, softness, and durability of percale sheets at its finest.

5. California Design Den Pure-White Organic Queen Cooling Bedding

California Design Den pure-white organic queen bedding

California Design Den pure-white organic queen bedding is a four-piece crisp and cool bedding set made from natural cotton percale weave fabric. The set is extremely breathable and comfortable during hot summer nights.

The 18-inch-deep pockets ensure proper fit for different size mattresses. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals used in treating the fabric. The fabric used is harvested from organic farms, keeping in line with environmental consciousness.

The organic sheets are crisp, soft, hypoallergic, silky, lightweight, and durable. The bedding set includes one flat sheet, one elasticized fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases.

6. Pinzon 300 Thread Count Percale Sheet Set

Pinzon 300 Thread Count Percale Cotton Sheet

Pinzon percale cotton sheet set includes four pieces – one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases for a comfortable sleeping experience. The flat sheet and pillowcases are designed with a 6-inch hem. Manufactured from 100% cotton, the percale sheets offer crisp feel and matte finish.

The sheets get softer with each wash without losing its shine. The 300-thread count weave makes the sheets cool and breathable, ideal for summers. The knitting is high quality, ensuring high durability. They are machine washable for easy cleaning.

7. Boston Linen Co. 300 TC Percale 100% cotton sheet set

Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Boston Linen Co. percale sheet set offers a soft and comfortable bedding option for a restful sleep. The four-piece set with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet with 16 inches deep pocket and two standard pillowcases.

It is made of 100% long staple combed pure cotton which is environmentally friendly and safe. The highest quality is guaranteed due to inhouse manufacturing units with five quality checks and sophisticated hem and stitching to provide you with a durable product.

The sheets add coziness to your room and are breathable and lightweight for comfortable experience. This set is extremely useful for hot sleepers as the percale weave allows for crisp and cool feel. It is easily washable without fading of colors.

8. Purity Home 100% Combed Cotton Sheet Set

Purity Home percale sheet

Purity Home 100% combed cotton 4-piece bed sheet set features 300 thread count, luxurious brushed percale weave and cool and crisp hand touch. These sheets add hotel like elegance and comfort to your bedroom.

Beautiful, breathable, and durable, the set brings comfort and lustrous aesthetics along with softness which gets better with each wash. The fitted sheets are equipped with 16-inch-deep pockets for snug fitness.

The flat sheet and two standard pillowcases exhibit 4-inch hem and high-quality stitching and material. The sheets offer subtle softness to your sleeping experience with durability for extended uses and multiple machine washes.

9. Mellanni 100% Cotton Percale Bedsheet Set

Mellanni 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set - 300 Thread Count Percale

Mellanni 100% cotton bed sheet set are chemical free and eco friendly percale set for the health and safety of your family. The percale weave design is cool and crisp, a trademark of such sheets, creating a breathable fabric which is ideal for hot nights. It exhibits a matte finished fabric.

The 300-count thread percale weave offer softness, durability, and fade resistance. The stitching is high quality and strong ensuring a durable sheet set with soft and comfort feel. The sheets are breathable and allows air to circulate so that you do not feet hot during the night.

The crisp feel bring hotel like luxury allowing refreshing and restful sleep. Furthermore, the sheet fitting is perfect with deep pocket to accommodate most mattresses. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases. The fabric is pilling resistant and maintains its softness after multiple washing.

10. Eddie Bauer Downstream Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Eddie Bauer | Downstream Collection | 100% Cotton Percale Sheet

Eddie Bauer 100% cotton percale 4-piece bedding set is characterized by its percale cotton weave. As a characteristic of percale weave fabric, the sheets are crisp, smooth, and soft to the skin.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized for preventing slipping and ensuring snug fit around the mattress. The set also includes one flat sheet and two standard pillowcases which are machine washable for easy care and manufacturing using high quality raw material.

The softness of these sheets gets enhanced with each wash ensuring comfortable and durable usage for extended period.

11. Ultimate Percale 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set

Ultimate Percale 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton 5 Piece Bed Sheet Set

Ultimate Percale 100% cotton 5-piece bed sheet set is a luxury sheet set with superior craftsmanship and high-quality material. Manufactured using 100% long staple cotton, the percale weave offers highest level of softness, crispiness, and luxurious feel.

It is designed and finished elegantly without any compromise on durability. The 400-thread count is breathable and cool allowing you relaxing sleep during hot nights. The set includes a flat sheet, two fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

High quality materials and comprehensive quality testing results in defect free, premium quality, soft finish, and smooth and cozy bed sheets.

12. Linenwalas 100% Organic Cotton Crisp Percale Sheets

LINENWALAS 100% Organic Cotton Percale Bed Pattern Sheets Set 4PC

LINENWALAS 100% organic cotton percale bed sheets set offers a soft and luxurious bedding option. The 300 thread count organic bed sheets set is made from long staple cotton, which is well known for its sweat-wicking ability.

The percale fully combed cotton sheets keep your dry and cool during hot summer nights and warm and cozy during winter months. The sheets are extra soft, durable, and long lasting.

The 16inch deep pocket and complete elasticity ensure perfect fit for the fitted sheet. The flat sheet and two pillowcases showcase stylish hem detailing and quality stitching. They are easy to wash and do not fade over time.

Choosing the Best Percale Sheets

There are hundreds of bed sheets and linens out there in the market today. The choice can be endless. The question is: do you know which one to buy? How can you tell if a sheet is the one that will give you comfort? How do you know if a sheet will give you value for your money?

This is where you decide. And this is where Percale Sheets come in the picture to help you decide.

People have different opinions when it comes to defining Percale Sheets. Some think it is cotton. Some think it is not. Truth is, Percale Sheets are referred to as bed linens that are of high quality.

By high quality, it means they are made from various types of special materials with threads woven so tight it gives them their unique soft identity. The weaving is so intricate it forms a unique pattern and gives the sheet its gentle texture and softness.

Percale Sheets are Strong and Soft

The weave pattern is what makes sheets strong. It’s called threads per inch. This is how the count is recorded on the sheet brands. The excessive the thread count, the better the sheets are. Percale Sheets have quality threading. This is one of the stuff that makes the Percale Sheets popular.

Percale Sheets can be made from cotton and polyester or a combination of both. It can also be woven using silk, cotton blend, and linen, Egyptian cotton, or any other combination of threads. Percale Sheets come in many designs, shapes, and colors. You can’t miss them in malls and linen stores. They are beautiful and people love to buy them.

Percale Sheets are valued for their durability and quality. They are not just your ordinary beddings. Sure you can throw them around; they are designed to withstand punishing conditions. What is a bed or a pillowcase for if it can not last the rigors of daily human (ab)use?

A good bed sheet is never good enough it can’t last the distance, like surviving the beatings inside a heavy-duty washer. But then, you know you can’t take your Percale Sheets for granted because you know you love them and you need them in your bedroom!

Percale Sheets: Your Perfect Companion

Why do people choose to buy Percale Sheets? Is it because these are soft and smooth to the skin? Or, is it because of its name that makes these such a standout in the linen industry?

The tradition of fabric weaving using the Percale method dates back hundreds of years. India was one of the pioneers in quality cotton weaving in the early 1400s and has since become one of the world’s leading sources of great fabric and cotton sheet brands.

Percale sheets are not for the budget-conscious shopper. You’d be lucky to get a good bargain in bazaars but most of the time these sheets don’t come cheap. They can be purchased online, too.

So, the next time you sleep on those sheets, think of the labor and time spent to make those sheets as comfy and soft as possible so that you’ll always have the best sleep every time. Percale Sheets are your perfect companion in bed.


Percale sheets are soft, crisp, breathable, and durable. You can choose from the above options, all offering the best quality and comfort for relaxing sleep. Choose the sets that matches your personal preference and enjoy a cozy and comfortable sleep.