15 Best Deep Pocket Sheets in 2023

In the past, fitted sheets were the thing of the day. However, these sheets always prove difficult to stay put on a bed. In such cases, you should consider getting a deep pocket sheet. This category of sheets feature elasticated corners offering more depth to tuck beneath your mattress; thus, preventing them from slipping or sliding off as you sleep.

A deep pocket sheet has pockets up to 18 inches. However, the majority have between 7- and 14-inches long pockets, making them ideal for medium to low profile mattresses. If you own a pillow top mattress or any other thicker luxurious brand, you might consider buying a sheet with longer deep pockets.

Therefore, it is important to determine the type of mattress to measure its depths before buying a deep pocket mattress. Never assume just because the manufacturer calls them a deep pocket mattress; they’ll all fit all of the mattresses.

If you buy a very thick mattress, you can get an extra deep mattress, ranging from 16 to 22 inches.

The elastic always pulls your fitted sheets taut; so, it won’t be hurting to buy sheets a little bit deeper than what you require.

The size of deep pockets varies significantly – buy a sheet that only declares its exact size.

Best Deep Pocket Sheets

Here are some of the best deep pocket sheets:

1. Feather & Stitch Deep Pocket Luxury Bedding Set

Feather & Stitch Deep Pocket Luxury Bedding Set

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The feather & stitch deep pockets carry a luxurious tag, considering it is designed from 500 thread count pure cotton. Ideally, the sheet is designed from fine yarns of long-staple fibers of cotton, and the weaves are beautiful sateen. What’s amazing is that each wash makes these sheets softer and doesn’t cause fading.

Its strong elastic band along the edges provides a snug but secure fit up to 18-inch deep. Therefore, if you have a pillow top mattress or deep mattress, it will perfectly fit.

This queen deep pocket sheet comes in a full set featuring an elasticized fitted sheet – 18 inches deep, a flat sheet, and twin standard pillows.

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2. ZCalifornia Design Den Deep Pocket Sheets

California Design Den Deep Pocket Sheets

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This is another finest brand of deep pocket sheets. It’s designed from pure 600 Thread cotton. Additionally, cotton is a long staple. Such a combination of admirable features results in a super-luxurious feel. Like similar high-quality sheets, it features fine yarns with an exceptional sateen weave. In turn, you get a lifetime of softness, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly sheets.

This set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with a 16-inch-deep pocket with a broad elastic band. Impressively, it features a smart head and foot tag showing the width side for easy use.

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3. Southshore Fine Living Extra Deep Pocket

Southshore Fine Living Extra Deep Pocket

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If you need a sheet with extra deep, then the Southshore fine living deep pockets are your best option. These sheets have 21-inch deep, deep pockets making them ideal for luxury hybrid and pillow-top mattresses.

Designed from microfiber, the king-sized deep pocket sheets have four pieces – a flat sheet, a deep pocket 21-inch elasticized fitted sheet, and two pillows.

The sheet is super smooth, gentle, and comfortable. Besides, they are lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic. To give them a super-soft profile, these sheets are double brushed. Keep in mind; they don’t fade or shrink.

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4. Empyrean Bedding Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

Empyrean Bedding Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

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This microfiber queen-size deep pocket sheets package features six amazing pieces – a flat sheet, four pillowcases, and a deep fitted sheet.

There is an elastic band all around the edges on the deep-pocketed sheets to ensure it stays fit on the bed. In addition to this, there are four additional elastic straps, which ensure that you get a more secure and tighter fit – it won’t slide as you sleep. Use this deep pocket sheet on a mattress up 16 inches deep.

The microfiber is incredibly soft, and the sheet comes in a variety of colors – choose one to inject vibrancy, beauty, and sophistication into your bedroom.

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5. EASELAND Deep Pocket

EASELAND Deep Pocket

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The EASELAND Deep Pocket sheets feature excellent stain, fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistant properties thanks to the high-quality construction and material. Typically, the sheets are designed from brushed microfiber and have a solid style color but with much simplicity and elegance.

The sheets adopt a deep pocket design that can stretch up to between 13 and 16 inches deep, courtesy of its 130 GSM Single-track Elastic Fabric. Therefore, regardless of how intense you move on the bed, this sheet stays intact.

This is a four-piece package – flat and deep pocket sheets and two pillowcases. They are a nice alternative if you want to upgrade your old sheets.

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6. Danjor Linens 6 Piece Deep Pockets sheets

Deep Pockets sheets

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What makes this luxurious brand a 6-piece sheet package is the additional two free pillowcases you receive with each purchase. Another incredible thing with this brand is that the fitted sheets are fully elasticized, which implies that you’ll have a secure fit on mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

Still, the Danjor Linens sheets feature remarkable durability and a luxurious profile as they are crafted from durable and ultra-soft microfiber. The creation process always results in a softer and more breathable fabric than pure cotton.

Beyond the fade and wrinkle-resistant properties, these sheets come with a lifetime warranty.

7. CGK Unlimited Extra Soft - Deep Pocket sheets

CGK Unlimited Extra Soft - Deep Pocket sheets

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This is a four-piece sheet set. Its deep pocket can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. However, it works just fine for mattress less than 16 inches deep, making it a universal fitting mattress.

Designed from superior quality microfiber, the sheets have a finer and softer feel – actually, they are silky soft. Besides, they are incredibly lightweight.

8. HC Collection Bed Sheets Set

HC Collection Bed Sheets Set

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These super-soft microfiber sheets fit a mattress up to 16 inches deep. Designed from double-brushed, these sheets feature a highly breathable, lightweight, and softer profile than pure cotton.

The manufacturer has created various designs and colors to make it easy for you to find the right one to match your décor. Besides, the product is hypoallergenic, fade, and wrinkle resistant.

9. Nestl Luxury Queen Sheet Set

Nestl Luxury Queen Sheet Set

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The Nestl Luxury Queen Sheet Set boasts of unmatched softness and breathability. The sheet features an 1800 thread count. This, alongside superior construction, leads to a durable and luxurious set of sheets.

The pocketed sheets can fit mattresses between a depth of 14 and 16 inches. The sheet stays unchanged on the bed; it has a smart elastic reinforcement lining that perfectly fits these mattresses.

10. California Design Den sheets

California Design Den sheets

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This is a single deep pocket fitted sheet designed with a 400-thread weave; thus, delivering high-level durability. What’s more, its yarns are long-staple cotton with a sateen weave. The elastic band around the sheet ensures it stays put.

If you like sheets with bold colors, this might sit well with you, and there are several classic colors to choose from.

11. CGK Unlimited deep pocket Twin Sheet

CGK Unlimited deep pocket Twin Sheet

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If you have a considerably thicker mattress, this might be the right option for you. It is an extra-deep fitting mattress between 18 to 24 inches deep, and it stays firm on your bed perfectly. Owning a mattress with a topper or double pillow top? This is your right pick.

It’s a 4-piece microfiber sheet set with a decorative embroidery design on the pillowcases. These pillowcases feature an enclosure design to hold your pillows properly.

12. Sweet Home Collection Sheet Sets

Sweet Home Collection Sheet Sets

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This is another sheet designed from 100% brushed microfiber suitable for mattresses up to 16 inches deep. You can get these sheets in lots of rich and vibrant colors – add some class to your bedroom.

Keep in mind; they do not wrinkle, and neither do they fade.

Bottom Line

All these sheets in this review are some of the best deep pocket sheets you can buy. But it might be very helpful you checked the size and the material that pleases you. Furthermore, a sheet set that is machine washable doesn’t wrinkle or fade, and has a durable elastic band is admirable.