The 7 Best Electric Heated Blankets of 2020

Electric heated blankets have been used around for years, yet only in recent years the advances in technology finally allowed these devices to become safer and more economically viable than conventional heaters.

Is Electric Heated Blankets Help Your Stay Warm?

There are many benefits to using electric heated blankets and heated mattress pads, including comfort, electricity savings, and convenience.

Best Electric Heated BlanketsWhen you are using a heated blanket, it increases the quality of sleep. For the perfect sleep environment always has the perfect temperature, which varies with every person.

Having to tweak the thermostat every night to create the right atmosphere is cumbersome, and will not always bring the best results, especially when sharing a bed with someone who doesn’t have the same temperature preferences.

An electric heated blanket could solve this problem. Many modern devices feature adjustable temperature controls (some even have multiple zones with individual settings), pre-warm timers and automatic shut-off. Climbing into a bed that is “just right” could seriously increase the quality and quantity of sleep, which will have tremendous results on overall well-being.

The 7 Best Electric Heated Blankets of 2020

Here are the list of 7 Best Electric Heated Blankets of 2020

Benefits Of An Electric Heated Blanket

Electric heated blankets have come a long way since the ones that you have may have seen your grandmother using that were almost as likely to catch on fire as they were to keep you warm. Today’s electric heated blankets are not only safe, but they are reliable and there are many benefits to using them during cold winter nights. Here are a few of those benefits.

First, with an electric heated blanket, you will save a significant amount on your electrical bills each month, giving you more spending money in your pocket and also reducing your home’s total greenhouse gas emissions. An electric heated blanket only takes a few cents each night to keep heat, and it keeps the heat around you, right where you need it. If you use central heat to heat your entire house, on the other hand, you’re spending money heating rooms that you’re not using and heating a lot more square footage. This is much, much more expensive and bad for the environment.

Electric Heated Blankets Besides being economical, these blankets also let you get a nice, cozy, comfortable night’s sleep. You won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night shivering anymore. With today’s newest blankets that are better at keeping a constant temperature, you won’t have to worry about waking up sweating either. It may take a little trial and error but setting the temperature dial on your electric heated blanket to where you like it is the best way to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Electric heated blankets are even very versatile. You can take them anywhere where there’s an outlet and use them. So while they work great on beds, they’re also great to use if you’re sitting in front of the TV or even if you’re out on the balcony on a colder spring night.

1. Best Budget: Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Faux Fur, 3 Heat Settings

2. Best Overall: Pure Warmth by Biddeford Micro Mink

3. Best Dual-Control: Plush Electric Blanket King Size Dual Control, Washable Heated Blankets with Auto Shutoff

4. Best Heated Throw: Degrees of Comfort Electric Heated Throw Blanket | Fast Heating

  • It’s PROTECT SKIN FROM BURNS & RADIATION. Most of the blanket’s harmful amounts of electromagnetic radiation can be transmitted through the heating process. Heated Throw blankets are 100% UL CERTIFIED.
  • These blankets reduce the ELECTRIC BILL and KEEP WARM FULL NIGHT. It has also built-in auto shut off function.
  • It is PERFECTLY POSITIONED CORD WON’T Disturb YOU AT NIGHT. We provide 6FT LONG POWER CORD gives you plenty of reach to any nearby outlet whether you’re in the camping, bedroom, RV, air mattress or carpet AND YOU WON’T EVEN FEEL IT’S THERE.
  • You can wash it yourself at home. Firstly just you disconnect the controller and power cables and then simply throw the entire electric throw blanket into the wash. You can use both cold or lukewarm water. After many washes, these blankets STAYS SILKY SOFT.

Color: Blue, Red, Grey, Beige, Green Plaid, Red Plaid, White

Blanket Weight: 3.25 pounds

Material Type: Polyester & Polyester Blend

Size: Plush Throw 50×60″

5. Best Mattress Pad: Degrees of Comfort Cozy Electric Bed Warmer | Heated Mattress Pad King Size Dual Control

Electric Bed Warmer

It is common knowledge that supplying heat to sore muscles relaxes the tissue and alleviates pain and discomfort, relieves aches and increases the blood flow to muscles and joints.

An electric heated mattress pad can do all of the above with a twist of a dial. Specially those persons who suffer from rheumatic diseases will especially appreciate the extra heat.

Using an heated mattress pad to relieve muscle stress is a key component to better sleep.

Dust mites and bacteria thrive in sleeping areas. The moisture from night sweat and skin particles have absorbed the mattress creating a perfect living environment for all kinds of microorganisms, stimulating unhealthy conditions right next to your bare skin.

A heated mattress pad or a throw can reduce bed moisture by up to 50%, eliminating the need for antibacterial treatment, extending your mattress’ useful life, making your sleeping place healthier and drier.

Color: White

Blanket Weight: 8.3 pounds

Material Type: Cotton

Size: 78×80 Inch

6. Best High-End: SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

SoftHeat Luxury Electric Heated Blanket 

Using SoftHeat Luxury electric heated blanket can help you relieve some mild joint and muscle pain.

Heat is a great treatment for aches and pains and by warming your muscles up at night, the blanket will be drawing blood into them.

This will help them to heal quicker and make sure that you don’t wake up with aches and pains every morning.

  • It is made from luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece with built-in micro-thin wires for more even heat circulation without the bulkiness.
  • It is safe in the presence of moisture and will not harm your pets, emits no EMFs.
  • The blanket Machine will automatically shut off after 10 hours for the convenience.
  • You have one CARE INSTRUCTIONS, that you will wash your blanket Machine in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.

Color: White

Blanket Weight: 8.3 pounds

Material Type: Cotton

Size: King – 100″ x 90″

7. Best Minimal Wiring: Beautyrest Heated Microlight to Berber Elect Electric Blanket

Beautyrest Heated Electric Blanket Electric heated electric blankets are popular in colder climates because they provide a gentle heating effect throughout the night. Most heated blankets have a thermostat that you use to set the desired level of warmth.

Others feature of Beautyrest Heated Microlight dual heating zones, each with its thermostat, that are great for people who share a bed. Although most heated electric blankets are wired, wireless models are a recent innovation.

It has heated controller(s) equip with 20 heat-levels setting. You can enable setting yourself to adjust the warmth level according to your requirement.

  • It is best to keep you caressible warm for the cold winter.
  • It will  auto shut off after 10 hours.
  • You can wash it’s machine at home.

Color: Indigo

Blanket Weight: 10.35 pounds

Material Type: Polyester

Size: King

Electric Blankets – Safety First

Most people use an electric blanket during the wintertime to keep themselves warm at night, and after years of using a hot water bottle I have to agree, heated blankets are comfortable but they have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Every year thousands of people around the world are injured by faulty electric heated blankets due to improper use or simple wear and tear.

Despite these issues electric heated blankets can be safely used as long as you follow the following precautions

 Sunbeam Heated Throw BlanketEnsure that the controller is working correctly: It is important to ensure that when the controller Is turned off the electric blanket is actually off as well. Likewise when the controller is set to a specified temperature the electric heated blanket is at the same temperature. Blankets that are not properly synchronised with their controller can result in large electricity bills at best and injuries to people in worst.

Inspect the wiring: In particular look for places or instances where the wiring does not lie flat or there are areas of rigid or even exposed wires. If there are any exposed wires whatsoever then the electric heated blanket is faulty and should not be used.

Burn marks: Pay particular attention to any burn or scorch marks on the heated electric blanket. Not every spark will result in a major fire, if there are any burn marks whatsoever then consider whoever was using the heated electric blanket to be extremely lucky. This electric blanketing is a danger and should be discarded immediately to prevent any injuries occurring.

 Sunbeam Heated Throw BlanketMost modern electric blankets allow you to the remove the actual controls so that you can wash the main part of the electric blanketing in a washing machine. Some major manufacturers offer best functionality in order to differentiate and therefore sell their product. As an example, the manufacturer sunbeam has developed what they call “Sleep perfect” technology which actually senses and adjusts the electric blanket to changes in your body or room temperature thus ensuring total comfort.

As a final piece of information, only purchase trustworthy brand names from major manufacturers such as Sunbeam or Hammacher Schlemmer and also only purchase from reputable dealers.

Purchasing a heated blanket online is a great way to get an excellent deal as there are many easy to use, trustworthy websites available such as or

When choosing your next heated electric blanket do your research carefully and you will be enjoying a good night’s sleep safe in the knowledge that your heated blanketing will provide you with many more war

Electric Heated Blanket Buying Guide

If you are parching first time electric heated blanket you may want to take a minute of your valuable time for looking at these important points before placing your order.

Which size blanket do I choose?

First measure your bed size in height x width, really.. get a tape measure and physically get the dimensions, all manufacturers have slightly different opinions of what is a blankets size?

What options do I need?

Your first option should be what you need the blanket to offer but does the person next to you want the same? lets say your cold but your partner isn’t if you put the blanket on that may cause a problem! so you should look for blankets that come with these features like

  • dual controls
  • timers
  • heat settings

These three features are the most prime features a blanket can offer.

Is the blanket quality as good as they say?

Forget the sales pitch, find out what the blanket has to offer and then read reviews from real people, they have already bought the blanket and have spent their time letting you know how good or bad it is, real people make real honest personal assessments – remember these guys are not selling you the product.

What benefits will I receive if I buy an electric heated blanket?

The main benefit everyone gets when they buy an electric heated blanket is warmth and plenty of it, but another great benefit you probably didn’t realise is that heat actually soothes aches and pains! Not only that but because your warm in bed and your aches and pains are being melted away you actually get a great night’s sleep!

Are electric heated blankets safe?

Yes, new blankets are very safe even more so if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Electric heated blankets are only unsafe when they are very old, worn out, torn or have had some rough treatment in their lives if this is the state of your current blanket contact your local council for a free health check.

So there you have it all major points covered that leaves just enough time to recap a few points:
Electric heated blankets have many options to choose from but think about what you want the blanket to be able to do, don’t penny pinch go with a trusted supplier & manufacturer even if it costs you a little extra.
Over all the most important thing to remember is to forget the sales pitch read the reviews made by real people.