BEST FUTON COVERS The biggest advantage of owning a futon mattress is that you can change its cover anytime. That means you give your home a modern and stylish look any time you want.

There are hundreds of these covers in the market. They come in different types, colors, sizes, designs, and styles. It can be overwhelming for you to locate what rightly suits your test.

But first, what are futon covers? Futon cover simply means a protective cover you use on your futon mattress. You can use these cover to change the look of your futon and give the interior space a whole new look.

To achieve that, you need the best futon cover. In this article, we look at the top-rated futon covers in the market currently, we analyze them deeply for your benefit.

Why to consider a futon?

  • Futons are affordable in compare of other alternatives.
  • You can change the futon covers to match any decor.
  • They are built to fit into the small and compact space.
  • If you are low on space then it is better option compared to floor mattresses

Here are the list of best futon covers

PRODUCTSRating (Out of 5)
1. Umax Linen Texture Futon Cover by DCG Stores4.8
2. Fynn Queen Size Futon Cover4.7
3. Nirvana Gilford Full Futon Mattress Cover4.6
4. Blazing Needles Solid Twill Futon Cover Set With Pillows4.6
5. Rowdy Tequila Leather Look Futon Cover4.7
6. D&D Futon Furniture Real Denim Futon Mattress Cover4.7
7. Magshion Futon Sofa Slipcover4.4
8. Easy-Going Futon Sofa Slipcover4.3
9. DHP Futon Mattress Slipcover4.3
10. Yunhigh Armless Stretch Sofa Slipcover4.3
11. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover4.3
12. Mighty Monkey Premium Reversible Chair Protector and Sofa Slipcover4.3
13. Royal Heritage Home 100% Cotton Futon Cover4.1


Best Futon Covers In 2021

Take a look:

1. Umax Linen Texture Futon Cover by DCG Stores

umex linen futon cover

This DCG cover comes in different sizes, including twin, full, and queen sizes. Like others, it comes with a 3-sided zipper, which makes it easy to slip on or off your futon cover on to the mattress.

DCG Umax covers are 100% polyester. Such high-quality material not only makes the cover longlasting but also makes it easier to clean. And with its gray color, you can give your room a unique and instant makeover.

The cover will last longer, not only because of the material but also serged and stitched safely to eliminate fraying.

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2. Fynn Queen Size Futon Cover

Fynn Futon Cover

It is 100% cotton. Cotton is one of the most durable and sturdy materials. That implies that the cover offers more than decent protection to your futon mattress. Though it can wrinkle, the extent is very minimal.

Like others, it is a multi-sided zippered futon cover. That should make it easier for you to put on or remove for cleaning.

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3. Nirvana Gilford Full Futon Mattress Cover

Nirvana Futons mattress cover provides a fresh new look to your home.
nirvana futon

The Nirvana futon is an excellent way to complement your interior, including curtains and carpets. The futon is designed from pure cotton, making it one of the most durable, reliable, and soft futons.

You can wash the futon using a machine but in cold water, and air dry it. To prevent fraying, the cover has durable stitching and is serge.

Additionally, the cover has 2-3 zippers. This multi-zipper arrangement allows you to customize the size depending on the size of the futon. But then again, it will enable you to put the cover on or off a futon easily.

The futon cover comes in different sizes. That should make it easy to find what suits your futon. Similarly, you get over 20 prints and colors. With multiple colors and prints, it is easier to find what meets your style.

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4. Blazing Needles Solid Twill Futon Cover Set With Pillows

Blazing Needles Futon Cover

The exciting thing about the blazing needles futon cover is that it comes in over 20 color options. Besides, it is designed from polyester twill, one of the premium quality materials in the world of futon covers.

Polyester twill is durable, sturdy, and resists both fading and wrinkles. Typically, this material is as thick as denim. But amazingly, you can easily slip in on or the futon mattress. Furthermore, it is machine washable. But do use the futon cover outdoors.

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5. Rowdy Tequila Leather Look Futon Cover

Rowdy Tequila Futon Cover

DCG Stores Rowdy Tequila futon cover is built 6 to 8-inch thick futon mattresses. This cover features 3-sided zippers. That means putting it on or removing it from a futon is a breeze. But still, it allows you to fit the size of the futon accurately.

The fabric type is a blend of (80%) PVC and (20%) Rayon. This gives the cover a tequila leather look. The fantastic thing about this cover is that it offers protection to your mattress and extends the life of your mattress. Still, it gives you countless decorating ideas. So you can quickly redesign any room.

To clean this cover, simply wipe it with a damp piece of cloth.

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6. D&D Futon Furniture Real Denim Futon Mattress Cover

Real Denim Futon covers

The high-quality thick denim cover will ultimately give your room a new look instantly. Besides, the cover’s thickness makes it withstand daily use, and it won’t give in easily.  If you own pet dogs and cats, you better buy this futon cover.

The 3 zippers on the side will make it easy to remove or put on your futon cover. What’s best is that you can wash with a machine.

The only limitation is that it comes in two color options. You can choose between the dark blue or dark gray denim. But the colors are excellent at concealing stains and dirt, which makes ideal for people with kids and pets.

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7. Magshion Futon Sofa Slipcover

Magshion Futon Slipcover

It is 100% polyester; thus, strong and reliably durable. However, it is lightweight, a bit stretchy, but generally comfortable.

You can get this futon cover in over 20 colors, making it easier to find the type that suits your home. These colors are solid and vibrant, which means the cover can instantly brighten your living space.

The 3 sided zippers allow easy and secure closure. Besides, it lets remove the cover from the futon mattress for easy cleaning.

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8. Easy-Going Futon Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going Reversible Futon covers

If you are looking for a versatile option, look no further than the Easy-Going Futon Slipcover. This unique piece is reversible; i.e., you can use both sides. Another unique thing is that it comes in various sizes specific to different kinds of seats. So before purchasing, measure your seat first.

The fiber is, undoubtedly, high-quality. It is a quality microfiber with elegant quilted texture. Besides, it is colorfast and water-resistant, and you can get it in two color options.

The fabric stays steady on your seat, thanks to the elastic strap at the back. Choose this option if you want protection against spills, stains, and wear and tear. It is excellent if you have pets and kids.

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9. DHP Futon Mattress Slipcover

DHP Futon Mattress Cover

Looking for pure polyester futon cover? Look no further than the DHP. The cover is not only soft and comfortable, but it is also easy to put on and remove. Additionally, maintenance is easy. Just clean the cover in a machine under low temperatures.

They suit futon mattress of between 6 to 8 inches thick. You can get it in black, blue, pink and green.

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10. Yunhigh Armless Stretch Sofa Slipcover

yunhigh sofa cover

The standout feature of this sofa cover is that it is durable and versatile. It is built from a blend of polyester (92%) and spandex (8%). It offers some decent stretchability and softness, which is ideal for people who want to rest.

The lining feature quality stitches, so there is no chance of fraying. And still, you can wash the cover using machines, and air dries it.

Yunhigh should be a nice option if you want a stylish change and to accessorize your interior.

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11. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

easy going futon cover

The Easy-Going slipcover is designed from 20% spandex and 80% polyester, resulting in a high-quality soft, comfortable, and stretch fiber.

The cover can protect your sofa from daily wear and tear and stains. And since it comes in multiple colors, it is easy to choose what suits your style.

It is machine washable, but do it at low temperatures.

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12. Mighty Monkey Premium Reversible Chair Protector and Sofa Slipcover

mighty monkey futon cover

The Mighty Monkey is another reversible option and makes an excellent protector for your chairs.

It is built from pure polyester, which makes it reliably durable. And because it is resistant to meets created by pets and children, this cover is recommended for people owning pets and/or having children.

The unique design of this cover allows it only to cover the seating area of your futon rather than the entire seat. So to get the right size, measure your seat first before buying.

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13. Royal Heritage Home 100% Cotton Futon Cover

Royal Heritage futon covers

These futon covers come in bold and bright colors. The cover is designed from pure cotton. This makes it breathable besides offering exceptional durability and comfort. The cover’s thickness is impressive, while its softness will make you want to on it all the time.

You can wash the cover in a machine, but air dries it. However, you will experience some shrinkage from this cover.

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Bottom Line

A futon cover is critical if you own a futon. However, you must look for the best futon covers to get the most out of them. The futon covers we have reviewed here are among the best covers you can find in the market. If you need a cover, do not hesitate to pick one of them.


Are futons good for everyday use?

Yes, futons are the best option for everyday use. They are ideal for sitting and sleeping both.

How to clean futon covers?

We can wash futon covers by hand or by washing machine with mild detergent. These covers do not require hot water and should wash gently with cold water.

Is futon covers can use in place of the fitted sheet?

Yes, futon covers are the best replacement for fitted sheets and can use in place of a fitted sheet. You can also use a fitted sheet in place of futon covers. Both work the same.