15 Best Adjustable Beds you must buy in 2023

Staying active for the whole day requires high-quality sleep. A large number of people fail to take good hours of sleep because of the environment. You must be having a perfect room temperature along with a comfortable bed.

Is a bed the main problem behind your insomnia? Then you are at the right place because today, we are going to share a list of the top 10 best foldable beds.

Here we will cover every single detail about them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start going through the list!

Best Adjustable Beds you must buy In 2023

Products Rating (out of 5)
1. Classic Adjustable Bed 4.3
2. Serta Motion Essentials 4.4
3. LUCID L300 Adjustable bed 4.6
4. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base 4.4
5. LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed 4.6
6. Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Base 4.5
7. Mellow Genie 500 Adjustable Bed Base 4.6
8. Leggett & Platt S-cape adjustable beds 4.1
9. HOFISH one-step Assembly adjustable beds 4.4
10. Sven & Son King adjustable beds 4.6

1. Classic Adjustable Bed

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed

The first one on our list of best adjustable beds is a classic adjustable bed. Add classic bed to your room and make it the most attractive and the most used room in your house.

This bed is a low-cost alternative to many valuable brands and is available with many more benefits. The head and legs can be lowered and raised, using a wireless remote. Also, the massage unit adds more to comfort, which is best while watching TV especially.

This bed has a zero gravity position which helps in circulating blood and automatically reducing stress from your back. With just a button you can change your positions accordingly and get more comfortable while watching TV, reading magazines, and using a laptop. The height of these beds is adjustable and you can change it any time. Also, this gives your room a wider look. The best choice for you to make your life much comfier.

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2. Serta Motion Essentials

Serta Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation, Queen, White

Serta motion essentials is a higher level of comfort that allows you to adjust the head and foot of your mattress. This gives you the perfect level of comfort and support that your body requires. Also, it helps you to raise your legs to the highest position where the blood easily circulates through the body. One-touch brings back the base to its original position.

These beds are durable and very easily affordable. In addition to this, it also has a 20- year limited warranty. People who are looking out to save their money and also have an adjustable base, Serta Motion Essentials is a perfect choice for them.

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3. LUCID L300 Adjustable bed

LUCID L300 Bed Base 5 Minute Assembly Adjustable, Twin XL, Charcoal

Adjustable beds are becoming more and more popular in the market. Among multiple adjustable beds, LUCID L300 is perfect option for you. One of the best quality they have is, that they can be setup just in 5 minutes without wasting any further time.

It comes with a beautiful design that will enhance the beauty of your room. It has an ideal size that fits perfectly in both large and small rooms.

LUCID L300 Adjustable bed helps you reduce snoring just by raising your head 10 to 30 degrees. It can easily blend into any room because of it’s simple and elegant design. It is a perfect product for people who just want a straightforward bed frame with no extra fancy features and quality design.

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4. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

iDealBed 4i Custom has state-of-the-art features that allow full customization in your bedroom. It has a multi smart mode massage, zero gravity, anti-snore, and flat positions. It has a modern sturdy design that is made to fit in with any decor with many medical benefits.

Under the bed lighting, remote safety lock, massage timer are its additional features. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base has long-lasting durability to keep your bed looking new for years to come.

This bed is made to be compatible with all kinds of mattresses. It contains ultra-quiet power lift motors with a lift capacity of up to 850 lbs. As it’s folded, you can get this easily through tight spaces as well. Due to its affordable price, clients love this product. If you don’t want to invest in a high-end bed, then grab this with both hands.

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5. LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed

LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed Base Steel Frame

LUCID L100 is among one of the best adjustable beds. With head and foot incline you can easily sit up to work on a laptop, play video games and watch TV.

Its motor is super responsive which quickly and quietly moves your position without even disturbing your partner. Very fast and easy to setup. In addition to these features, it has a 5-year limited warranty.

It also helps your stomach in improving digestion and relieves throat stress. Its back support is best to relieve joint pressure all night. With all these features, LUCID L100 makes your life super comfortable and relaxing.

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6. Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Base

Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Base

Take your sleep to the next level with a signature sleep adjustable bed. Flexibility and comfort can be adjusted by the wireless remote. A memory foam mattress is best used with this adjustable bed.

It contains a retainer bracket that holds the mattress in place. Moreover, it offers maximized comfort at a very reasonable price. Whether you want to read, watch TV or simply relax Signature sleep Adjustable bed has a position for you.

With endless possibilities of sleeping positions, the Signature Sleep Adjustable bed is a must. No matter how much you toss and turn, it provides balanced support, which helps you to sleep easily. A perfect choice for one’s who want to sleep undisturbed.

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7. Mellow Genie 500 Adjustable Bed Base

Mellow Genie 500 Adjustable Bed Base

Are you looking for the best and smart-looking bed for your room, so Mellow Genie 500 is best for you. Mellow Genie 500 adjusts to your life as smoothly as a carpet ride.

Whether you are enjoying lazy Sunday morning, working from home, or enjoying your favorite show, Genie 500 helps find the best position for all occasions, just with a single button Also, it has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for the frame.

It gives your room a smart and humble look. Getting this product at this price is definitely a steal. Mellow Genie 500 adjustable bed is the best in the newest of adjustable beds.

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8. Leggett & Platt S-cape adjustable beds

Leggett & Platt Adjustables S-Cape Adjustable Bed Base

Want to add effortless comfort to your bedroom? S-cape adjustable bed is a perfect choice for you. It is a stylish adjustable bed that will provide angle support for all activities by elevating your feet, adjusting your head, and side by side providing you a gentle massage. It allows you to receive the highest level of comfort. S-cape has 25 years warranty.

Also, it has an emergency power-down feature that slightly lowers the base by using battery backup whenever the electricity is low. It’s grey patterned fabric makes it a great neutral to fit any décor. If you want to feel refreshed and relaxed than make S-cape a centerpiece of your bedroom.

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9. HOFISH one-step Assembly adjustable beds

Hofish One-Step Assembly Customizable Positions Queen Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Base

Are you having a breathing problem or recovering from surgery and want a comfortable sleep?

Than HOFISH adjustable bed is the best option for you. HOFISH adjustable beds have features, that make them unique and attractive in the market. It has a noise-free and powerful motor having the highest capacity.

It has a classy modern and unique look that matches any décor at home. No risks of electric shocks as the wall-mounted AC adopter makes it safer to use the bed under lightening and thunder circumstances. In addition to this, it is super affordable.

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10. Sven & Son King adjustable beds

Sven & Son King Adjustable Bed Base Frame

You can now upgrade your lifestyle by Sven & Son King adjustable beds. It comes with remote. You can enjoy memory and pre set button, anti-snore, zero gravity, along with the emergency power-down feature.

You can change functions without even disturbing your partner as it has an ultra-quiet motor. Its under-bed lighting helps provides a blissful ambiance to your bedroom.

It is very easily assembled in just 5 minutes without the usage of any tools. Also, all types of mattresses in the market are compatible with this adjustable bed frame. Having trouble finding the right adjustable bed? Look at our Sven & Son King adjustable beds for a better night’s sleep.

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Things to keep in mind while buying adjustable beds:               

Easy to use

The first thing you should consider before buying any adjustable bed is ease in it’s use. You should ensure that the wireless remote buttons are easy to use. Look whether the dual controls are provided.

Most importantly you should make sure that if you’re sleeping with your partner than you sleep without any disturbance while you adjust your side to be more comfortable. Also, look if it’s easy to assemble and you can also do it all alone without anyone’s help.

Aesthetic appeal

You may buy an adjustable bed to get comfortable but there is no reason that it can’t look stylish too.

Purchasing an adjustable bed doesn’t mean that you can compromise on the looks.

Many adjustable beds offer stylish, traditional, classic looks apart from their positions and comfort. Always go for these beds.

Final Thoughts :

There is a wide range of adjustable beds in the market and online. We have listed some of the best adjustable beds that will help you ease your life and have a comfortable night’s sleep.

This article has also answered some of the questions that may arise in the client’s mind while purchasing these beds. We have touched all the important details of each product that will help you while purchasing them.