10 Best Bed Rails in 2023

The danger of rolling out of bed normally exists, especially for kids and the elderly. In such cases, you use the best bed rails available to prevent such accidents from occurring.

Look, most toddlers are simply wriggly sleepers. They’ll turn 360-degree every half hour; so, staying within the confines of the bed can be a little difficult for them. On the other hand, the elderly require bed rails for two reasons – to help them get into and out of bed and preventing them from rolling off the bed.

A bed rail merely is railings installed along the sides of the bed – connected to both headboard and footboard to prevent sleepers from rolling off the bed. A bed rail can also be called half rail, bedside rails, safety rails, adult portable bed rails, or hospital bed rails.

Types of Bed Rails

The incredible thing is that there are different types of bed rails, and they can be used for a variety of beds. The most commonly available bed rails include:

Bed rail handle – these are low profile and compact rails, requiring very little space. This type of rails attaches to the bed directly.

Legless Bed Rails – these types of rails tuck between the mattress, and they are an excellent option for queen-sized beds as they lack legs.

Crossbar Bed Rails – these bed rails feature multiple horizontal crossbars; thus, offering users numerous points of holding and various points. This helps them to adjust their sleeping position or get up easily quickly.

Dual Bed Rails – these rails are ideal in cases where you situate your bed away from the walls. They feature crossbars extending under the mattress; thus, providing stability and holding both sides in place.

Fold-Down Bed Rails – these rails fold down easily to allow sleepers to get access to the bed quickly. These are suitable options for hospital beds.

Bed Rails with Support Legs – this category of bed rails tuck beneath the mattress but have additional support, i.e., two legs that rest on the floor. These rails come in various designs and sizes.

Best Bed Rails

Now that you know the types of bed rails, it might be easier for you to pick the right one. Here are some of the best bed rails we sampled out for you. Read carefully to find the right type for your needs.

1. Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle

Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle

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The Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle offers stable assistance to people needing help to get into or out of the ordinary home bed. The bed is designed in such a way that it attaches to both sides of the bed. It merely slides beneath the mattress and firmly stays there, thanks to the no-slip foam on the base bar.

Keep in mind that the whole structure is designed from chrome-plated steel, making it both more robust and easy to clean. Its handles are removable.

Since it arrives in three pieces, you’ll need to assemble it – it’s a tool-free assembly.

2. Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

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This is another stable and strong bed rail, considering it is an all-steel construction bed. This bed rail had dimensions of 54-inch long and 20-inch high, providing an additional higher security level to sleepers. Considering their height, these bed rails are suitable for toddlers.

Assembling this rail is a breeze – align the pieces, click together and add the nylon cover. There are T-shaped anchors, which you should attach to the beds on one side and then tighten with the straps.

Since the bed rail comes with locking tabs, it’s straightforward to shift these rails’ position. Push the tabs down to lock it in place. This action ensures that they remain in an upright position.

3. Medline Bed Assist bar

Medline Bed Assist bar

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These steel rails go under the mattress and offer much-needed assistance when getting in and out of bed. The good thing with the Medline Bed Assist bar is that you can place both sides of the bed and its convenient straps ensure that you have a secure fit.

Assembly is pretty straightforward – no need for tools. Just snap the right pieces into place to create a bed assist bar or dimensions 14-inch wide, 28-inch deep, and tailor the height to between 36 and 44-inch high.

4. Dream on Me Mesh Security Rail

best Rail beds

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The Dream on Me mesh rail is a portable and straightforward rail. Like others, it doesn’t require tools to put together.

If you have an adult twin-sized bed, this rail fits perfectly. However, you must have a mattress of not less than 10-inch to makes proper use of the rail.

There are a stabilizer bar and a lightweight reinforced anchor system on the rail, which ensures that your child remains safe all the time. Its angles are rounded, making it safe. At the same time, the mesh is highly breathable.

5. Summer Double Safety Bedrail

Summer Double Safety Bedrail

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This bed rail is suitable for a twin to queen-sized mattresses and platform beds. It has two panels, and each one measures 42.5-inch-Long x 21-inch High. If you have a thicker mattress, this bed rail can accommodate them.

To fold down the rail, push up the two small knobs on the bed rails arm. The folding down is a handy feature for the elderly who want to sit on the side of the bed.

The bed’s frame is designed from metal, while the other material is polyester.

6. Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail

Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail

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This is another simple bed rail that comes in handy in assisting sleepers in getting into the bed. Therefore, it is a nice option to prevent unexpected falls. The non-slip handgrip is essential in making it easy to use.

The rail features chrome-plated steel construction, making it strong, durable, and extremely easy to clean. Use this product on any bed size as it features extendible bars, which slip between the mattress and the box springs.

Again, the height adjustability makes this rail suitable for sleepers of multiple heights.

7. hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

bed rails for kids

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This is an incredible crib rail as it firmly anchors to the bed’s frame with the steel clamps. Thus, offering absolute safety to your toddlers as there is no chance of slipping out. But it can fold down, making it ideal for bedtime stories.

Its quality is unmatched, courtesy of the hardened steel construction. Similarly, it features heavy-duty fabric for long-lasting use.

8. Toddler Bed Rail

Toddler Bed Rail from Hiccapop

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These toddler bed rails from Hiccapop are designed based on the passive safety protection principle. The gentle bed bumper subconsciously triggers the natural “Passive-Safety” response in your child, which lets them know they are close to the edge/danger; thus, they’ll move away.

This bed rail is designed from foam and has a washable cover. The cover features a silicone beaded non-skid fabric that ensures that it stays firmly in place.

9. Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

Bed Rail Guard

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This swing down bed rail is handy when your little one wants to get into and out of bed. Being 43-inch long and 20-inch wide, the pivot down rails offers utmost security to your toddler. The provided anchoring straps hold the rail to the bed firmly for additional security and support.

It’s ideal for box spring only but fits beds from twin to queen size.

10. Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

bed rails for adults

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This is so far the best bed rail for seniors for its versatility. You can use it on both traditional and platform beds. Besides, it’s adjustable lengthwise to three different lengths – 26, 34, and 42 inches, making it suitable for people of different heights.

It is designed from powder-coated steel, making it incredibly strong. As a result, it can carry individuals up to 300 pounds.

Bottom Line

A bed rail is an invaluable resource in homes with kids and the elderly. Besides, they are must-have bed accessories for hospitals and elderly institutions.

With a wide range of such products in the market, we have sampled some of the most functional ones based on reviews, construction, design, and material. Among the ten products, you can find one or two that fit your use.