Sometimes, your mornings aren’t as refreshing as they ought to be. In this case, the problem might just be your pillow. So why don’t you consider purchasing one of the best down pillows?

Down pillows are more expensive than ordinary pillows. But they have a superior nature, which makes it worth the try. Look, history states that down pillows were made for kings. That means they are luxurious and conform to the highest standards.

Using down pillows means embracing softness and coziness, and these pillows will cuddle and hug you all night. The good part is, its design makes it ideal for all kinds of sleepers – back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers.

The tricky part is that these pillows look similar to ordinary pillows. They don’t have any striking physical features unless you touch them. Touching them gives you an inviting feeling, usually not found in other mattresses.

best down pillows There are many down pillows that are available on the market today and can choose the best one that is suitable for your needs.

Down pillows offer a lot of benefits and advantages. Salient features couples of this pillow coupled with comfort tend to attract a wide variety of customers from all age groups.

Today, we look at some of the best down pillows you can get in the market. Read on.

Here are the list of 14 Best Down Pillows in 2020

Best Down PillowRating (out of 5)
1. Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow4.5
2. Continental Bedding Superior White Goose Down Pillow4.2
3. DOWNLITE Hypoallergenic Soft Down Pillow4.3
4. Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow4.1
5. Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow4.2
6. Continental Bedding Premium Firm White Goose Down Pillow4.2
7. Puredown White Goose down Pillows4.2
8. Queen Anne the Original Pillow4.0
9. eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow4.1
10. East coast bedding 100% White Down Pillow4.2
11. Extra Soft Down Pillow from DOWNLITE4.4
12. The Sable Goose Down Pillow4.4
13. East Coast Bedding Goose Down pillows4.2
14. WENERSI Premium Goose down Pillows4.3

Best Down Pillows in 2021

1. Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow

Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow

The Luxuredown is a medium-firm pillow. The pillow is soft and cushioned; thus, offering sufficient support to side and back sleepers.

The 100% soft and smooth cotton white sateen shell makes it heavenly. Undoubtedly, you will have blissful nights, thanks to the supreme quality 650 fill power white goose down.

If you have neck and head pain, this is the right pillow for you. You can also consider BEST ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESSES along with this pillow.

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2. Continental Bedding Superior White Goose Down Pillow

Continental Bedding SP100-Q.2 Set of 2-Superior 100% Down 700 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

The SP100-Q is pure cotton and comes in a set of two. These pillows are white and exceptionally fluffy and soft. If you are a back or side sleeper, you should find this mattress ideal.

Ideally, you get pleasure, warms, and relaxation.

Each pillow packs 26 Oz. 700 fill power Hungarian white goose down, which delivers superior loft and unmatched comfort. Together with the pure Egyptian cotton cover, you have a silky soft surface to lay your head.

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3. Queen Anne the Original Pillow

Queen Anne down pillow

Queen Anne has 100% cotton outer cover but has a filling made from a blend of goose and duck down. This combination usually confers softness and stability. So, this pillow won’t flatten like ordinary ones.

Queen Anne has a 650 fill power 100% down and a 330 thread count cotton ticking, offering a soft velvet feel. Generally, the pillow has a medium soft feel making it ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

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4. Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow

DOWNLITE Extra Soft Low Profile Down Pillow

The unique thing with this down pillow is that it has a flat design, yet it is very comfortable. This makes it ideal for people who sleep on the stomach and those who have issues with their necks.

It features between 525 to 550 fill power white duck down and a blue, soft 250 thread count cotton Damask.

You can wash and dry this pillow in your machine, which makes maintenance easier.

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5. Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

The cover of this down pillow is designed from 100% Egyptian cotton, and it has 1200 thread count.

If you want a king-size pillow, this is your option. Its filling is a premium blend of goose down (80%) and goose feathers (20%). Typically the filling is a 750 fill power and a 50 oz. Fill weight, giving it a firm to medium-firm feel. Thus, back, side, and stomach sleepers will find this pillow ideal.

The pillow is vacuum packed, so allow a few minutes for recovery.

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6. Continental Bedding Premium Firm White Goose Down Pillow

Continental Bedding 100% Premium White Goose Down Luxury Pillow It is a white premium goose down pillow with a pure Egyptian cotton cover with 400 thread count.

The pillow is medium-firm, considering it has a 550 fill power with 26 oz. Fill.

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7. Puredown White Goose down Pillows

puredown White Goose 2 Outer Protectors, Cotton Fabric Down Down Pillows

Puredown Down pillows feature a pure cotton white shell with a blend of natural white goose down (15%) and white goose feather (85%).

The pillows offer medium-firm support, which should be comfortable for sleepers of different kinds. The fill weight is 47 oz., which means the pillow is fluffy.

The cotton fabric is the stylish dobby cotton, which gives a general feel of softness. The edges of the pillow are held by a single needle stitching, which should last longer.

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8. DOWNLITE Hypoallergenic Soft Down Pillow

DOWNLITE Hypoallergenic Soft Down Pillow

DOWNLITE down pillow has a pure cotton cover, and the filling is white duck down.

The general feel of the pillow is soft, and it flattens when you rest your head on it. This makes it an excellent choice for stomach and side sleepers. People who sleep on their sides may not get adequate support; thus, they may develop neck muscle issues.

The fill power is between 525 and 550, while the cambric cotton thread count is 230. The other advantage you get is that it is hypoallergenic and machine washable and dryable.

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9. eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow

Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Are you a stomach sleeper? Then get the ELuxurySupply down pillow.

This pillow is designed from a blend of down (80%) and feather (20%). On the other hand, the cover features 230 thread count pure cambric cotton. The cover is soft and durable, while the filling is fluffy.

The unique part is that the cotton weaving is tight enough to prevent feathers from poking through. But it is breathable. Remember, the fill power is 525.

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10. East coast bedding 100% White Down Pillow

East Coast Bedding Down Pillows

Looking for a pillow that will envelop your head in luxury? Look no further than the East Coast Bedding down Pillows.

This pillow has 100% down filling and 100% Cotton envelope. And since it is a medium-density pillow, it is ideal for people of all sleeping positions. Typically, its design gently cushions your head and neck with gently support for back and side sleepers while face sleepers appreciate the cloud-like softness and fluffiness.

Above all, it is a quite pillow, has a 550-fill power, and the cotton cover has a 300-thread count.

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11. Extra Soft Down Pillow from DOWNLITE

DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow - Great for Stomach Sleepers Pillow - Very Flat - Standard Bed Pillow - Duck Down

Stomach or face sleepers should find this mattress comfortable thanks to its flat design. Besides, it’s hypoallergenic and machine washable and dryable.

The fillings are natural white duck down with a fill power of 550. This makes the pillow extra-fluffy and soft. That is why it flattens. On the other hand, the cover is made from blue cotton damask of 250 thread count. The feel is silk soft.

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12. The Sable Goose Down Pillow

Sable down pillow

Now, this is a unique option. Like others, its cover is pure cotton, and is tightly woven, it is soft but breathable. That should make your nights cool, even if it is blazing cold.

But unlike other pillows, it features a 100% Polyester down Alternative. It is a premium plush filling that allows you to adjust the pillow to suit your posture and sleeping position.

To customize the height of the pillow, simply use the side zipper. Add or remove filling as you please, provided you get the right height.

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13. East Coast Bedding Goose Down pillows

East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows

This pillow comes in a set of two, and each is filled with a blend of goose feathers and 15% goose down.

The 100% cotton shell is stripped and features 300 thread count making it a luxurious option as it offers a decent compromise between firmness and softness.

You can get this pillow in Standard, Queen and King Sizes.

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14. WENERSI Premium Goose down Pillows

WENERSI Premium Goose Down Pillows with Feather Blended

This pillows also come in a pack of two, each with a 32 ounce filling blend of goose down and goose feather. On the other hand, the pillow shell is pure medium density cotton but has a distinctive silver piped edge.

The best pat with this pillow is that it is hand made. Remember, it is vacuum packed; so allow it time to fluff up.

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Bottom line

All these pillows are the best down pillows you can buy. Since they come in different sizes, you can get a size that rightly fits your bed. So if you are out to buy a down pillow, do not hesitate to pick one of this.