11 Best Air Mattresses For Camping in 2023

One of the amazing things about air mattresses is that they are portable and waterproof. Still, some versions can act as a couch for your lakeside viewing adventures.

There are numerous air mattresses in the market today. Whether you are going camping or just one for your home use, you can quickly get them in the market. But not all of them offer premium features.

That is why we present you with a write-up of the best air mattresses for camping.

Best Air Mattresses For Camping in 2023

1. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable

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The Wekapo inflatable air sofa hammock comes with a pillow-shaped headrest design, a feature that offers you an upper back and neck support. So that gives you a comfortable resting session.

While other mattresses will require a pump to inflate, the Wekapo inflatable mattes only need you to whisk it through the air to inflate it. The process is easy; trap the air by closing the sleeve before the end of each whisk.

Once inflated, the air mattress can’t deflate for at least 5-6 hours, thanks to the trademark anti-inflation technology by Wekapo.

When you buy this product, it comes with a carry bag for storage and a stake, which you can use to secure the blow-up couch in position firmly. The stake works alongside the with the built-in security loop. So your mattress stays in position even on windy days.

Also, the manufacture offers a bottle opener!

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2. Therm-A-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

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Therm-a-Rest MondoKing air mattress is a versatile option. You can use it at home while camping or while traveling.

What makes it one of the best air mattresses for camping is that it provides a 4-inch thick loft. The loft is not only stable but also comfortable just as your home mattress it. Further, it works for most spaces. However, to maximize the usable sleep surface, vertical sidewalls are encouraged.

Apart from using it for camping, boats, RVs, and expedition basecamps, you can use it in your guest room.

You can mate it with another mattress to create a large sleeping surface.

Remember, it features dual valves, which allow the expansion and inflation of the compressible foam core when unpacked.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed


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The ALPS Mountaineering air bed should be your option if you are looking for something more durable.

Look, the air mattress features a coil system besides the Polyester Oxford fabric. Such a combination of material offers a durable leaping surface and results in a stable and comfortable sleeping surface.

To inflate the mattress, you need to use a pump, which is provided. The pump is rechargeable, and it has a switch. Flipping the switch will quickly inflate or deflate your mattress.

The best part is that the mattress is exceptionally lightweight, making one of the best air mattresses for camping.

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4. Lightspeed outdoor PVC free air mattresses

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel

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The Lightspeed PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress can comfortably accommodate two people. It features no PVC and Phthalate in its construction, making it a safe and high-quality air bed mattress.

Actually, it features the TPU construction, which not only makes it super durable but also makes it extremely lightweight. Inflating the mattress is easy as it comes with a two-way Boston valve and patented stabilizer system. This system also lets you customize the mattress firmness.

Other essential features are abrasion resistant, temperature stable, and superior durability. Still, it comes with a battery-operated pump. But you’ll buy the battery separately.

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5. Legit Camping Sleeping Pad Camping Mat

Legit Camping Sleeping Pad Camping Mat

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The Legit Camping Sleeping Pad has an R-value of 1.3, making it a comfortable sleeping pad. It features cells, which are correctly positioned to ensure that you get the right support while sleeping. Besides, that means you can set up a camp anywhere.

It is a travel-friendly air bed as it packs down to a mere 10” x 3.5”, and can expand to 75″ x 22.5″ x 2″. Such features make it easy to carry the mattress around.

Best of all, you don’t need a pump to inflate the mattress. Use your mouth, ad pump in about 20 breathes, and it will good to go.

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6. Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress Inflatable Single High Airbed


Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

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Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is a product of south California. The mattress features the latest technology to ensure comfort, stability, and durability.

Typically, the mattress brings in wave beam inner support structures, which are durable and stable than traditional air coil beams. Thus, these mattresses can support up to 650 pounds.

Apart from having safe material, this multi-layered mattress is puncture-resistant and waterproof. Look, its upper PVC is 0% thicker than an ordinary bed, a feature that makes the mattress remain level and firm.

It features a 2-in-1 valve – the inner valves offer quicker inflation while the outer valve inflates the mattress in smaller increments. The bed packs down to 13 x 7 x 15 inches from 80 x 60 x 9 inches.

7. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC – Included Rechargeable Air Pump

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

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If you are planning for wilderness camp-outs, then the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress should be your sleeping surface.

Apart from the proprietary Eco-friendly PVC, the air mattress features the comfort coil technology. The combination of these two features results in supportive comfort and superior durability.

Accompanying the mattress is a rechargeable pump for deflation and inflation of the bed. It takes approximately 3 minutes to inflate the mattress to full firmness, and topping is very easy.

What makes it the best air bed for camping is the extra thick material that withstands objects’ outdoor setting.

8. Intex 68765E Classic Downy Airbed Set with 2 Pillows and Double Quick Hand Pump, Queen

Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

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When you buy the Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set, you get two pillows to complement your sleep. Still, the manufacturer gives you a pump.

The mattress performs above average in the outdoors, thanks to quality materials and construction. The top is waterproof, and it has wave beams. This portion is easy to clean.

And with the 2 in 1 valve inflation and deflation is very easy. Remember, the valve has an extra-wide opening. The mattress inflates up to8 3/4inches for extra soft comfort, and it can hold up to 600 Pounds.

9. Freeland Camping Sleeping Pad Self Inflating with Attached Pillow

Freeland Camping Sleeping Pad Self Inflating with Attached Pillow

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The best part of the Freeland Camping Sleeping Pad is that it is lightweight and compact. The mattress weighs only 3.3 pounds and packs down to 15” x 6.7” x 6.7”.  Amazingly, the bed has a perfect combination of support, warmth, and comfort.

See, the air pad has a 190T polyester weather-resistant pongee fabric. The fabric is soft and resists tears. And for firmness and insolation support, this quality mattress packs a 1.5-inch thick supreme-quality open-cell foam in the interior. The material offers cushioning as well as support.

There are two free-flow and non-leak air valves, which offer quick and easy self-inflating and deflating. You do not need a pump.

10. Active Era Air Mattress

Active Era Air Mattress with Built in Electric Pump & Raised Pillow

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At 17-inches thick, you surely will have a comfortable sleeping surface. Additionally, this queen air bed features 35 structured air-coils fitted head to toe. That translates to support all around the bed. Such an advanced support system eliminates dips and bulges, a common feature of the air bed mattress.

If you are below 550 pounds, the Active Era Air Mattress is the mattress for you. The top packs an extra thick, hardwearing and waterproof flock. Still, the bed features a 15-gauge puncture-resistant material.

11. Noble Queen Size Luxury Upgraded Double HIGH Raised Air Mattress

Noble Queen Size Luxury Upgraded Double HIGH Raised Air Mattress

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The noble air bed mattress is a true innovation in the industry—the mattress, a pillow-like Cloud Flocking Layer, responsible for added comfort.

The unique part is that the air bed features an in-built 120V AC Pump to make inflation very easy. When fully inflated, the mattress stands at 18-inches high. Thus, offering a plush sleeping surface.

The quilted waterproof top thick and durable and has added support for a firmer mattress.

Bottom line

If you are planning to camp, you must always look for the best air mattress for camping. And that is what our review is giving. We have detailed eleven of the most durable, comfortable, and supportive air beds you can buy today.

Do not hesitate to pick one of them.