If you own a recreational vehicle (RV), finding one of the best RV mattresses is extremely important. Driving can immensely stress your body. But with a good night’s sleep, you can rejuvenate your body.

You can only sleep well if you buy the best RV mattress. Despite the countless RV mattresses in the market, it can be hectic to locate the most comfortable one within your budget. It takes lots of effort.

But here, we discuss some of the most functional mattresses for your RV. Take a look.

Best RV Mattresses in 2021

1. Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

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The Zinus Ultima is an 8-inch thick memory foam mattress, but you can also find it as a 10-inch mattress. The top layer is a 2-inch memory foam that closely conforms to your body for a better pressure relieving experience.

Next is a 2-inch layer of comfort foam. This layer is perforated to allow the free flow of air. The flow of air across this layer ensures that all heat is whisked away; thus, giving sleepers a cool night’s sleep.

The last layer is a 4-inch high-density support foam base. Considering its density, the layer is highly durable and gives shape and stability to the entire mattress. The general profile of this RV mattress makes it suitable for stomach and average-weight sleepers.

Keep in mind; the memory foam has an infusion of Green Tea and moisture-absorbing charcoal. These two components are vital in ensuring no odors.

With this mattress, you get a 10-year warranty.

2. Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty Mattress

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The Dynasty mattress stands at an impressive 12 inches high, making it one of the plushest RV mattresses. Note; the bed is designed from CoolBreeze gel memory foam – it sleeps cool.

The topmost layer is a 3-inch gel memory foam layer featuring Sleep Cool Technology. The technology ensures that all heat that your body generates is dissipated effectively to the environment.

Beneath this layer is a 9-inch layer of high-density memory foam. The density of the layer confers durability to the mattress. However, it adds stability and gives shape too.

The mattress comes with a zipper cover that can act as a fire barrier. Besides, it is machine washable.

3. Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress

Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress

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This is a hybrid mattress from Zinus designed from foam and individually encased spring coils. The mattress typically has a firm profile, with its layers that can immensely relieve pressure at the standard pressure points.

There are hundreds of independent coils within the mattress. The exact number, however, depends on the size of the bed. Apart from giving the mattress the springiness/bounce, the coil layer eliminates motion transfer.

The mattresses are rolled, compressed, and shipped in a box and have a 10-year warranty.

4. Serenia Sleep RV Mattress

Serenia Sleep RV Mattress

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This RV mattress has dimensions of 72-inch x 80-inch, and it’s 8 inches thick. The topmost layer is a 2.5-pound density, 2-inch memory foam layer. The layer has an open cell structure and is temperature-sensitive. The combination of these features ensures you sleep cool and is dispersing your weight evenly as you sleep.

Beneath this layer is a 6-inch base core of supportive foam. Like in other mattresses, it supports the top layer of the bed.

Typically, the mattress has a medium-firm feel, making it ideal for most types of sleepers. And since it conforms to your body curves, this mattress is excellent for relieving pressure.

5. AB Lifestyles RV King Quilted Mattress Pad Cover

AB Lifestyles RV King Quilted Mattress Pad Cover

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This a mattress cover designed for the RV Camper Mattress. The cover is pure white and is created from a 50-50 blend of polyester and cotton. But its face is designed from pure cotton.

It is a quilted mattress cover – in this case, it is filled with a generous amount of pure polyester fiberfill.

This cover fits up to an 8-inch thick mattress of size 72×80 inches. Use to protect as well as confer additional comfort to your bed.

6. Best Price Trifold Memory Foam Topper

Best Price Trifold Memory Foam Topper

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This RV mattress from Best Price has a trifold design and is 4 inches thick. While it may not be the plushest mattress around, this mattress topper offers a relaxing and comfortable sleeping experience.

It has two layers. The top layer is a 1.5-inch memory foam layer that closely conforms to your hips and shoulders for pressure relief. By contrast, the bottom layer is a 2.5-inch high-density support core foam. The bottom layer offers a perfect balance of support and comfort.

Additionally, its cover is a 100% poly-Jacquard with a slip-proof bottom.

The trifold profile makes it portable- easy to carry and pack; thus, you can carry it along easily while going camping.

7. DynastyMattress RV King Gel Memory Foam Mattress

DynastyMattress RV King Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The magnificent feature of this mattress is the cooling technology. Ideally, this technology ensures that all types of sleepers get to sleep well – no heat build-up, thanks to the addition of gel beads. Additionally, it has moisture-wicking properties.

The layers of this mattress have gel foam, gel beads, infusion cool foam support, and high-density foam.

At 10-inch high and a medium-firm feel, this mattress is, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable and supportive RV mattresses for kinds of sleepers.

8. SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress EncasementFoamRush Bunk Mattress

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This four-inch mattress is that has been designed into two layers. The top layer is a 1-inch, highly ventilated memory foam. The layer has a generous infusion of gel to wick away heat generated by sleepers.

This layer’s remarkable thing is that its memory foam conforms to your body shape, hence relieving pressure. The lower layer is a four-inch high-density support base foam for both support and comfort.

9. Travel Happy Narrow King Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Travel Happy Narrow King Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This mattress promises an improved comfort system – instead of standard memory foam, this mattress uses the Graphite Gel Memory Foam, making it feel more natural, 7x cooler, and generally better.

It’s a narrow king-sized mattress, i.e., 70 x 80 Inches and 8-inches high. So you are guaranteed enough comfort. Keep in mind; this is a medium-firm mattress, and it has three layers. The first layer is an inch of graphite foam for coolness, followed by another 1-inch soft foam, which offers improved comfort. The last layer is a 6-inch core foam base that is designed to provide proper spinal alignment.

The mattress employs open-cell Viscoelastic foam for efficient temperature regulation. Again, it uses a white textured eight-way stretch fabric, which not only looks and feels luxurious but has a pebble gray border.

10. MotorHome InnerSpace Travel Comfort RV Mattress

MotorHome InnerSpace Travel Comfort RV Mattress

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The MotorHome RV mattress is a Mattress-In-A-Box –innovative packaging design for easy transport. Beyond that, you easily install the bed without compromising on its quality.

The mattress offers a 5.5-inch of firm support but with some gentle cushioning for exemplary pressure relief. Besides, the firmness drastically reduces motion transfer among couples.

Remember, this mattress is designed from polyurethane foam, making it much lighter than ordinary memory foam.

11. Every night Deluxe Foam RV Bunk Mattress

best rv mattresses

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The mattress has a foam construction with a quiet nylon fabric cover. Since the entire bed has a medium-density profile, it is quite comfortable for side sleepers and lightweight individuals.

The nylon cover is soft, anti-static, flame retardant, odor-free, and fluid-proof. If the mattress gets some stains, it is easy to clean – remove the stain with mild soap and water. And since the bed is flappable, you can use it for longer.

Bottom line

It’s almost sure that you’d like an RV mattress to have a similar profile to the bed you use at home, or even better. Look, motion isolation, temperature regulation, durability, and pressure relief are some of the essential features to look at.

The RV mattresses above are some of the best you can find in the market. So consider one or more when looking for the best RV mattress.