11 Best Box Springs of 2023 According to Experts

If you’ve recently invested in an excellent mattress but find that it’s not receiving the adequate support it deserves, it’s time to consider acquiring a box spring. Even if your bed frame includes slats, they might not be providing the optimal support required for your mattress or your personal comfort needs.

Conventionally, it consists of a wooden frame or a metal grid filled with springs and covered in fabric. Box spring serves a few purposes. It provides foundation support for the mattress.

Following a discussion with our experts to gain a deeper understanding of the advantages of box springs, their functionality, and the ideal candidates for them, we conducted extensive research and reviewed numerous products. We also examined numerous customer reviews to identify the top box springs available on the market, catering to a range of requirements and budget preferences. Continue reading to discover our recommendations for the finest box springs below.

Best Box Spring: Our Top Picks

1. Zinus Daniel Queen Box Spring

Zinus Daniel Box Spring

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Size: 7.5 Inch | Material: Alloy Steel, Fabric | Color: Grey | Item Weight: 51 Pounds | Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Durable Steel With Wood Slats
Supports any latex, memory foam or spring mattress Light frame
Easily assembles in less than an hour

This queen box spring features durable steel construction with wood slats. The stylish piece has sturdy construction and a design to suit any space. The metal frame foundation provides a traditional and modern look. The metal structure with thick strong wooden slats.

The grey woven fabric cover will complement your bed frame and mattress perfectly. The woven fabric encloses a thick steel interior framework and 2.8in wooden slats. It is capable for supporting any type of mattress – latex, memory, or spring mattress.

You can customize the height of the bed as there are three profiles available, so you can make your bed as high or low as you prefer. The assembly is easy and hassle-free with all parts and tools enclosed with detailed instructions to put it together in five simple steps.

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2. Classic Brands Full Size Box Spring

Classic Brands High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring

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Size: King | Material: Wood | Color: Grey | Item Weight: 54 Pounds | Weight Capacity: 550 Pounds | Dimensions: ‎80″L x 76″W x 8″H

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Solid wood slats Heavy
Durable and noise free
Easy Assembly

Classic Brands 8in full size box spring instant foundation is easy to assemble and economical solution that provides solid support for all types of mattresses. The sturdy and strong construction of the foundation provides support to heavier mattresses such as latex and memory foam. It improves the durability and life of the mattress.

The high-profile foundation is noise-free, strong, and supports any mattress perfectly. The drawstring cover is removable and goes well with most mattresses. The solid spruce is handcrafted in the USA. Classic Brands full size box spring is easy to assemble with instructions and tools included with the package.

3. ZINUS 9 Inch Queen Size Box Spring

ZINUS 9 Inch Smart Metal Box Spring

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Size: Queen | Material: Steel Interior Frame With Knitted Polyester Cover | Color: Grey | Item Weight: 40.7 pounds | Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds | Dimensions: 79 x 59.5 x 9 inches

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Perfect for shorter mattresses
Strong, Stable and Sturdy Need to assemble it
5 year limited warranty included

ZINUS queen size box spring is constructed from solid steel. It is easy to assemble with few simple steps. The interior of the foundation is manufactured using high quality and durable steel. The 9in height of the foundation is suitable for thinner mattresses. It also well for  those people who prefer their bed high off the floor.

The non-slip poly jacquard fabric cover supports and holds the mattress perfectly and complements the décor of any room. The queen size box spring is shipped with detailed instruction manuals, parts, and tools needed to assemble. It comes with 5-year warranty.

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4. Amazon Basics Smart Twin Box Spring

Amazon Basics Smart Box Spring

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Size: Twin | Material: Metal | Color: White | Item Weight: 24.86 Pounds | Weight Capacity: .. | Dimensions: 74″L x 38″W x 9″H

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Durable steel frame
Box Spring Support Capacity weight not mention
Easy tool-free assembly

Amazon Basics twin box spring foundation combines the aesthetic and function of a traditional box spring. It provide durability and longevity of a steel smart box spring.

The durable and sturdy steel construction can support any foam, spring, or hybrid mattress. The steel frame and horizontal slats yield sturdy, strong, and reliable support for any type of mattress.

The two-piece fabric covers are zipped together for complete coverage. Both the top and bottom covers are removable for cleaning. The frame construction enables easy and quick assembly without any tools. The foldable steel frame is easy to move.

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5. Queen Box Spring Mattress Foundation

TATAGO Heavy Duty Metal Box Spring Mattress Foundation

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Size: Queen | Material: Alloy Steel | Color: Black | Item Weight: 45.3 pounds | Weight Capacity: 3000lbs | Dimensions: ‎79.5″L x 59.5″W x 9″H

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Support heavier deluxe Mattress
All needed tools included Heavy
Good Quality

TATAGO 9in heavy-duty metal box spring is constructed with reinforced square tubular steel frame. It also come with central support bracing for stability, sturdiness, and weight support up to 3000 pounds.

The solid square steel slats can support heavy deluxe mattresses as well as the weight of four to six people without sagging. The poles and support frame are welded securely together at each end. It is noise-free and prevents any structural twisting.

The framework is coated with rust resistant automatic paint for longevity. There are extra twenty removable beams that make the foundation flat, comfortable, and safe.

The assembly is easy as required tools are included with the folding parts. All you need is to screw the pieces together following the provided instruction within fifteen minutes. This box spring mattress foundation comes with an 8-year warranty.

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6. Continental Sleep Split Queen Box Spring

Continental Sleep Fully Assembled Split Wood

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Size: Queen | Material: Wood | Color: White | Item Weight: 45 pounds | Weight Capacity: … | Dimensions: ‎80 x 60 x 8 inches

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Extra durability and strength
Pre-assembled and ready to install Not supportive
Good Quality

Continental Sleep Fully assembled foundation is split is two parts for easy mobility. As the structure splits in two, it can be moved around through narrow hallways and tight spaces. The structure is manufactured from strong and sturdy wood.

The light but dense wood material prevents the box from loosening up and crack. It also maintains the optimal shape of the mattress. The foundation can be used with all types of mattresses.

There is no need to assemble the box spring. It is shipped fully assembled. All you need is to open the box and start using it.

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7. Casper Sleep Twin Box Spring Foundation

Casper Sleep Queen Box Spring Foundation

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Size: California King | Material: Wood | Color: Grey | Item Weight: ‎88.77 Pounds | Weight Capacity: 750 lbs | Dimensions: ‎83″L x 71.5″W x 7.5″H

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Designed and assembled in the USA
Solid wood and rigorously tested for durability Nothing
Compatibility-works with any mattress

Casper Sleep twin box spring foundation features a metal bed frame and woven exterior upholstery. The foundation is designed to provide solid support to Casper mattresses or any other type of mattresses.

The solid wood construction has been tested thoroughly for durability and strength to ensure longevity for many years of sleep. The slats are located perfectly for optimal support. It ships in a compact box and can be assembled within minutes – quickly and stress-free.

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8. Spinal Queen Size Box Spring

Spinal Queen Size Box Spring

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Item Weight: 50 pounds | Dimensions: ‎‎79 x 60 x 8 inches

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Easy to carry Not all details mentioned
Strong traditional wood structure
No Assembly Required

Spinal Solution 8in foundation box spring is a fully assembled split foundation that comes in two split pieces for convenient passage through hallways and staircases.

The box spring is shipped in a compact box in a fully assembled state so you can open the box and set it up within seconds.

The structure is made of strong wood which is light in weight but dense in texture. The wooden material prevents loosening and cracking of the structure and keeps the mattress in its original shape without sagging. The box spring is compatible with all types of mattresses of the same size.

9. NOAH MEGATRON King Box Spring


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Size: King | Material: Microfiber | Color: Black | Item Weight: 51 pounds | Weight Capacity: 3000 LBS | Dimensions: ‎79.5″L x 75.5″W x 7″H

What We Like What We Don’t Like
 Durable Steel Structure
 All tools included
Eco-friendly & Sturdy

NOAH MEGATRON 7in king box spring is a low-profile mattress foundation suitable for all types of mattresses. The structure is constructed of durable and sturdy steel material which provides noise-free support for the mattress. It is strong enough to support up to 3000 pounds of weight.

The king box spring is shipped with all required tools and instructions for easy and straightforward setup in less than 30 minutes. The box spring cover is made from high quality, microfiber, shrink, and wrinkle-resistant fabric. The raw materials used in the construction are high quality, sturdy, and eco-friendly.

10. Spring Coil King Size Box Spring

Spring Coil King Size Box Spring

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Size: King | Material: memory foam and latex | Color: Off-white | Item Weight: 79 pounds | Weight Capacity: .. | Dimensions: ‎80 x 78 x 5 inches

What We Like What We Don’t Like
 Noise-free with support to all mattress
Easy to assemble Heavy boxes
Easy cleaning and assembly

Spring Coil 5in wood box spring is an easy to assemble instant foundation for all types of mattresses. It is an economical solution for all mattress of the same size. The construction is strong and sturdy. It can support heavier mattresses such as latex and memory foam.

Furthermore, it extends the life of the mattress as it prevents sagging. This high-profile box spring is durable, noise-free, and supports all mattresses. The tools and detailed instructions to assemble the foundation.

These box springs are suited for the mattress to provide support and longevity. You can choose according to your personal preference and needs to achieve comfortable sleep.


Tuft & Needle Box Spring

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What We Like What We Don’t Like
Tool-less assembly
It provides the perfect lift Limited Trial Period
Durable Cover

Tuft & Needle’s Mattress Box Foundation Box Spring offers a hassle-free solution to elevate your sleep experience. With tool-less assembly that takes only minutes, this foundation provides the perfect 7 1/4-inch lift for your mattress, whether you’re pairing it with a metal base or seeking extra height. Its durable stone grey woven fabric cover not only adds to its longevity but also complements your bedroom decor.

Tuft & Needle is so confident in its product that it backs it with a risk-free 100-night trial and a 5-Year Warranty. Enjoy enhanced support and convenience with this innovative foundation.
Size: Queen | Special Feature: Durable | Brand: Tuft & Needle | Product Dimensions: 80″L x 60″W x 7.25″Th | Color: Grey

What to Look for in Box Springs?

When shopping for top rated box springs, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here’s what to look for in box springs:

  1. Size: Ensure that the box spring’s dimensions match your mattress size. Box springs come in various sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Choosing the correct size is essential for proper mattress support.
  2. Type: There are two main types of box springs: traditional and low-profile. Traditional box springs are taller and provide more elevation, while low-profile box springs are shorter. Consider your preferred bed height when selecting between these two types.
  3. Material: Box springs are typically constructed from wood or metal. Wooden box springs are sturdy and provide excellent support. Metal box springs are more lightweight and may have a modern look. Choose the material that suits your preferences and complements your bed frame.
  4. Support: Box springs are designed to provide support to your mattress. Look for models with a durable and sturdy frame. Reinforced corners and edges can enhance support and prevent sagging over time.
  5. Compatibility: Ensure that the box spring is compatible with your mattress type. Different mattresses (e.g., innerspring, memory foam, hybrid) may have specific requirements for support. Check with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  6. Weight Capacity: Consider the weight capacity of the box spring. For heavier individuals or couples, it’s essential to choose a box spring with a higher weight capacity to ensure adequate support and longevity.
  7. Assembly: Some box springs require assembly, while others come fully assembled. If you prefer a hassle-free setup, opt for a pre-assembled model.
  8. Brand and Warranty: Research reputable brands known for producing high-quality box springs. Additionally, check the warranty provided with the box spring to ensure protection against defects.
  9. Price: Box springs are available at various price points. Set a budget based on your needs and preferences, but keep in mind that a quality box spring can contribute to the longevity and comfort of your mattress.
  10. Reviews: Read customer reviews and seek recommendations to gain insights into the performance and durability of the box spring you’re considering. Real-world experiences from other users can be valuable in making an informed decision.


In conclusion, when selecting a box spring for your mattress, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. The thickness of the box spring can impact the overall look and feel of your bed, so choose one that complements your mattress and bed frame. Wooden box springs are known for durability and sturdiness, while metal box springs are lighter and more budget-friendly.

To find the best box spring, consider factors such as support, compatibility with your mattress type, ease of assembly, and noise levels. There are several reputable options on the market, including the Zinus Walter, Classic Brands Instant Foundation, Zinus Armita, AmazonBasics Mattress Foundation, and Spinal Solution Split Foundation, each offering unique features and benefits.


1. Is a metal or wood box spring better?

Wooden box springs are better for durability and sturdiness, while metal box springs are lighter and more affordable.

2. Do I need a box spring for my mattress?

Whether you need a box spring depends on your mattress type and bed frame. In some cases, a box spring can enhance support and comfort, but not all mattresses require one. Platform beds and certain mattress types may not need a box spring.

3. Does the thickness of a box spring matter?

Yes, the thickness of a box spring can matter. Thicker box springs provide additional height to your bed, which may be preferred for aesthetic reasons or ease of getting in and out of bed.

4. What’s the difference between a traditional and low-profile box spring?

Traditional box springs are taller and offer greater elevation, while low-profile box springs are shorter. The choice between the two depends on your preference for bed height and the style of your bed frame.

5. Can I use a box spring with any mattress type?

Not all mattresses require a box spring. The compatibility depends on the mattress type. Innerspring mattresses often benefit from box spring support, while memory foam and some hybrids may not require one.

6. How do I choose the right box spring for my mattress?

Consider factors such as size, material, support, weight capacity, compatibility, assembly, and brand reputation when selecting a box spring. Ensure it complements your mattress type and bed frame.

7. Do box springs come with warranties?

Some box springs come with warranties that cover defects and structural issues. Check the manufacturer’s warranty terms to understand the coverage provided.

8. How can I prolong the lifespan of my box spring?

To extend the life of your box spring, rotate and flip your mattress regularly to ensure even wear. Avoid excessive jumping or placing heavy objects on the mattress.

9. Can I use a box spring with a platform bed?

Some platform beds are designed to work without a box spring. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific platform bed.

10. Are box springs sold separately or as part of a mattress set?

Box springs are often sold separately, but you can also find mattress sets that include both the mattress and matching box spring.